At St. Paul's we operate an open door policy and staff are always happy to meet with parents and carers to discuss anything that may be concerning you or your child. Many things can be speedily resolved by a quick word with the class teacher at the start or end of the school day. Should you feel you need more time, please contact the school office to arrange a suitable time to meet.

Headteacher - Miss M Flynn 

Deputy Headteacher - Mr P Allen

Special Needs Coordinator - Mrs K Higginbottom

Year Group Class Teacher Teaching Assistant(s) Midday Assistant
Nursery Ms K Shenton Mrs J Farrell -

Mrs K Higginbottom

Mrs J Calderbank

Mrs M Elsmore

Mrs D Ingham
1 Mrs S McGowan Ms W Quinn Mrs J Prince
2 Miss O Boyd Mrs G Robinson Mrs A Kurucz
3 Miss E Wainwright Miss C Bullock Mrs D Webb
4 Miss V Holland

Mrs B Campbell

Ms E Novak-Smith

Mrs K Clegg
5C Miss F Cobban Mrs K Beswick Mrs B Campbell
5T Mr C Titterington Mrs D Ingham  Mrs C Wilde
6 Miss R Smith Miss J Girven Mrs C Wilde

Office Staff 

Mrs K Clegg - Clerical Assistant
Mrs L Clowrey - Office Manager
Mrs A McGivern - Finance Assistant

Maintenance Staff

Mrs J Prince - Site Manager                                                Mrs A Dickinson - Cleaner
Mrs C Wilde - Lunchtime Supervisor & Cleaner                  Mrs M Elsmore - Cleaner


Contact the School

St Paul's Catholic Primary School

Miss M Flynn (Headteacher)
St Paul's Catholic Primary School
Turner Lane
SK14 4AG, United Kingdom

Main Contact: Mrs L Clowrey (Office Manager)

Tel: 01613682934