Nursery 2021 - 2022

Ms Shenton

Nursery 2021/2022

Ms Shenton and Mrs Farrell

Welcome to Nursery


Dear Families,

Welcome to St Paul’s Catholic Nursery School, please find below information about your child’s learning journey at St Paul’s. Staff:

Staff: Myself and Mrs Farrell are the part time members of staff in Nursery we will be supporting your children in their learning journey every morning.

Uniform and Clothing:

We will be learning outside in all weathers; please send you child in September with a waterproof coat and a pair of wellington boots (we ask that their wellies be kept in Nursery) Please ensure that all your child’s clothing and footwear has their name on it if an item goes missing it is more likely to be returned to its owner if their name is in it.

Nursery Fund:

We welcome all donations to our Nursery class fund, fund will be collected on a Friday. The purpose is to help provide those little extras and special snacks, and cooking ingredients etc.

Snacks: We would like to take this opportunity to inform families that we are a healthy school, and fruit is provided in class every day, water is always readily available. Children will be offered milk or water at snack time. We regularly have special snacks too that may be linked to our topic learning.

This Term Our Topics are:

Spring 1:

Topic: When I grow up (People Who Help Us

R.E: The Holy Family

Spring 2

Topic: Dinosaur Roar!

R.E:  Good Friends

In Spring we will be learning to:


This half term, we will learn about The Holy Family; they will learn to know that Mary is the Mother of Jesus. They will begin to appreciate their friendship with Jesus, and to know that Jesus helps us to choose the good. They will continue to join in simple prayers and hymns, and to respect each other and respect adults.

In Spring two we will learn about Good Friends. We will come to know what Jesus was like as an adult and about the friends he chose to be his Disciples. We will reflect on what makes a good friend. The children learn to respect each other and to respect adults. They learn to form and experience good relationships. They learn to say ‘sorry’ when necessary and begin to know how to show that they are sorry. They hear about what happened at Easter.

The children will continue to learn a new hymn or song each week as part of our collective Worship. We will learn the Our Father and begin to learn parts of the Hail Mary.

 Physical Development

Children will be continuing to develop their gross and fine motor skills in a variety of ways both indoors and outdoors. They will take part in design activities to support the development of their cutting skills and Dough Disco to develop their fine motor movements and muscles.

 Children will be learning to:

Use a comfortable grip with good control when holding pens and pencils. 

Decide how to match my movements to the task e.g. run to play chase, crawl through a tunnel, etc.

Paint/mark make on a large scale.

Demonstrate good fine motor control when using tools e.g. scissors, threading, etc.

Children will become more independent by:

Handling some of their own hygiene needs e.g. teeth brushing, hand washing, and will start to eat using a knife and fork; beginning to cut carefully at snack time and at meal times at home. They will start to manage zips, putting on coats with little or no help.

Please continue to support and encourage your child to do this at home as part of their learning and development.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: 

During this term we will be continuing to develop our friendships with others. We will think about what it means to be a kind friend and understand why it is important that we follow the rules in Nursery; that help us to play and learn together safely.

We will have regular Circle Times where we will think about what it means to be a kind friends, we will read stories about kind friends to help us with our understanding. Through a variety of speaking and listening activities, children will continue to follow our Golden Rules and our behaviour Rainbow.

Children will be learning to:

Talk with others to resolve conflicts and resolve issues (some support needed). Identify feelings using words like happy, sad, angry.

I can follow rules and don’t always need adult support.

Gradually understand how others might be feeling.

Communication and Language:

Throughout our ‘play learning’ we will read stories about friendships, starting school, our bodies, and traditional stories, and stories from other cultures.

 Children will be learning to:

Listen when someone else is speaking.

Use some new vocabulary e.g. scientific and story vocabulary.

Begin to develop pronunciation but may have problems saying:  - some sounds: r, j, th, ch, and sh - multi-syllabic words such as ‘pterodactyl’, ‘tyrannosaurus rex’ or ‘diplodocus’.

Develop sentences using new vocabulary linked to maths or science, and use sentences to explain what I have learnt.

Express my opinion using short sentences and answer a range of questions.


In our reading and mark making, we will be learning to:


Spot and match rhymes and begin to suggest rhymes - count or clap syllables in a word.

Begin to spot words with the same initial sound.

Start to use different vocabulary from books in my play and when talking about stories.


Use some of my print and letter knowledge in my early writing. For example: writing a list.

I can write some or all of my name, I am beginning to form some letters correctly.

I can demonstrate good fine motor control when using tools e.g. scissors, threading, etc.

I can begin to segment sounds in the order in which they occur (with support)

 Further Reading: Children will bring a library from Nursery on a Monday to be returned on Fridays. Our local libraries have a wide range of books to enjoy!

 Phonics: In Nursery children take part in Phonics Play and learning; this will be in provision as they play or in carpet sessions. In Phase One Phonics children will learn to ‘Tune into Sounds’ by listening to: rhyming stories and poems and begin to match rhyming couplets, listen for words with the same sound at the beginning, begin to hear and say the initial sound in words, and learn the Jolly Phonics actions for a range or sounds.


When learning about Number we will:

Say one number name for each item.

Show ‘finger’ numbers to 5. I know that the last number reached tells me how many

Experiment with symbols and marks (and numerals)

Recite numbers past 5.

Make comparisons between quantities

Begin to solve real world mathematical problems with numbers up to 5.

When learning about Number, Pattern and Shape we will:

Extend a pattern that has been made

Create my own simple patterns (ABAB)

Combine shapes to make new ones.

Give simple directions using position words.

 Understanding the World:

When learning about the world we will:

Show care for my environment and plant and care for seeds and plants.

Begin to understand the key features of the life cycle of a plant and an animal.

Use all my senses in hands on exploration of natural materials.

Begin to know that there are different countries in the world.


Expressive Arts and Design:

When being creative we will be learning to:

Draw with increasing complexity and detail, such as representing a face with a circle and including details.

Use self- chosen materials to create my own ideas to create models.

Sing my own created songs and follow pitch, melody and tone.

Play musical instruments with greater control and purpose.

Create more complex small world set ups to adapt and create stories.

We will provide a wide range of found materials (‘junk’) as well as blocks, clay, soft wood, card, offcuts of fabrics and materials with different textures. Provide appropriate tools and joining methods for the materials offered. We will encourage young children to explore materials/ resources finding out what they are/what they can do, and decide how they want to use them.

Home Learning:

Children will receive a variety of homework tasks which will be included on the weekly Nursery Newsletter. This will help you see what they are learning in school as well as working with your child to build a relationship and link between home and school.  

Learning Journeys:

The learning your child does in school will go into an observation on Evidence Me or into their individual Learning Journey, along with photographs, notes, observations and Focused Tasks. Any home learning or significant achievements can be recorded and sent into school and we will add them to your child’s Learning Journey. Please feel welcome to comment on your child’s observations and add your own, so that we can share your child’s Learning Journey together.

This year the new EYFS curriculum encourages a focus on practitioners building a knowledge and understanding of your child as a learner; supporting them to develop individually, through a mixture of individual and group play, alongside practical assessment at key points in their development.

Home and Nursery Partnership

We will be sending home a set of WOW stars, these are for you to write down any observations you make of your child at home. When you think WOW! I didn’t know they could do that you can write it down and send it into nursery and we will add it to their Learning Journey.

If you wish to communicate with us in Nursery, you may speak to us at Nursery pick up, or via email to However, lengthy conversations are best taking place by appointment. If your child is not being collected by yourself, please let us know when you drop them off in the morning.

We look forward to continuing working with you and your child during the Spring term; and thank you in anticipation of your valued support.

Ms Shenton and Mrs Farrell

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