Science at St. Paul's

Our aim for science at St Paul’s is for our children to continue that enquiry and see themselves as scientists; from The Early Years Foundation Stage, through Key Stage 1 to the end of Key Stage 2 and beyond.

Aims of Primary Science at St Pauls

  • Encourage the development of positive attitudes to science so that through teaching and learning, pupils see themselves as getting better at science and becoming accomplished scientists.
  • Deliver to EYFS pupils: Understanding of the World; KS1 and KS2 pupils the Program of Study for National Curriculum for Science in ways that are creative, imaginative, purposeful, well controlled and enjoyable.
  • Teaching and Learning should develop and extend the children’s scientific concept of their world and encouraging them to ask ‘deeper’ questions about the world around them and use what they already know to support their reasoning.
  • Deliver clear and accurate teacher explanations and skilful questioning. Providing guidance but at the same time allowing children the freedom to Enquire and Investigate as independently as possible.
  • Make strong, purposeful links between science and other subjects. Use technology in a meaningful way to extend pupil’s learning e.g. (Data Loggers, video, photography, microscopes, iPads and telescopes).
  • Develop the use of scientific language, reporting & recording and techniques.
  • Enable children to become effective communicators of scientific ideas, facts and data whilst becoming experts at analysing the data they collect.
  • Develop the following skills of investigation – observation, measuring, predicting, hypothesising, experimenting, communicating and interpreting.

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