Holy Thursday

Maundy Thursday - Forgiveness Stone

For this reflection you will need:

A bowl of water

A stone for each person in the reflection

A cloth and a candle for the prayer focus


At the very beginning of His last Passover Jesus performed a simple task with a profound meaning – he washed the disciples’ feet. The custom at the time was that it was left to the servant to perform the disliked duty of washing the dirty, filthy feet of strangers or travellers before they entered a house.

Foot washing also symbolises the ONGOING FORGIVENESS OF SINS paid for by Jesus.

Jesus says that if we do not forgive others, he will not forgive us.

Jesus says that we should forgive our friends not just seven times but seventy-seven times.

  • How should we be following Jesus’ example?

We may not literally have to wash our friend’s feet, but we do need to keep forgiving our friends when they do things that upset us. 

Today, we will perform our own simple task and ask Jesus for forgiveness.

Close your eyes and hold the stone in your hand. Think of something that you are asking to be forgiven for. Sit quietly and tell Jesus what you have done wrong.

(Pause for 30 seconds)

Gently place your stone in to the bowl of clean water.       

Forgiveness is about letting go.

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