Year 2 Art Week fun!

Date: 26th May 2017 @ 11:57am


This week we have enjoyed the arts we have experienced.

Monday: We worked in our house groups and we had a carousel of activities to enjoy. We created an animation of a growing seed, we sculpted an art inspired model out of clay, we collaged different fruits using a variety materials and drew a still life picture of fruits.


Tuesday: We designed and made a fruit face. We used lots of fruits and vegetables and attached them using cocktail sticks. We also made a paper collage fruit face. In the afternoon we had a singing session where we learnt a calypso song about exercise. We then had a short drama session.


Wednesday: We had a dance session with a visitor called Olivia. Our dance was about heroes like Batman and Hercules. We worked in partners and joined different poses together to make a routine. When we returned to class we discussed different sports and then designed a outfit suitable for the sport of our choice.


Thursday: We used the ipads to find out about Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We had to find 8 facts but we found much more. We shared the facts with our class mates. In the afternoon we attempted sewing. We chose a fruit and used wool to sew around. It was really fun for us... Mrs McGowan and Ms Quinn do not agree.


Friday: We created a "Salad Selfie!". We changed our photo to make it look like a Giuseppe Arcimboldo piece of art work. It was very funny!


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