Date: 8th Feb 2016 @ 3:30pm

The children have arrived safely in Kingswood.


Mr. Allen wrote:

What a brilliant day we have had!

I'm sure you've all seen the photos of the Lazer Zone from this morning! It was great fun!

This afternoon the children shot down the Giant Zipwire and took a Leap of Faith!

We are all having a relaxing 'Movie Night' after the adventures of today!

I will add some more pictures tomorrow!

Joseph H wrote:

Lazer quest was amazing , we had to play many different games there : vip , free for all , team death match. We all had twenty lives and then if we lost all the lives we had to sit on the log until the game had ended .

I also enjoyed the 3G swing because you got a shock and your body went numb . Everyone pulled a rope and the person on the swing was lifted up into the air . If we wanted to stop we had to yell bananas because stop sounds like top .

kieran T wrote:

My best memory was when I went down the 3G swing and did the superman pose and screaming that was brilliant. Also when we were taking a selfie Joseph walked past and pouted and we all started laughing our heads off. When we were doing laser quest and we played VIP and was ours and Ellica was there's and they all thought Ethan was ours so they all shot him whilst me and Ciaran were on the floor shooting everyone else.

Ben M wrote:

Caving was brilliant I had so much fun going in tight places and lifting myself up to different ledges and helping each other up, also we learnt new facts about caves and stalactites it was awesome. I also enjoyed the leap of faith I couldn't of done it without Mr Allen's and Mrs k`s encouragement.

Josie wrote:

I enjoyed the 3G swing, it was amazing. Also, I really enjoyed the giant zip wire but at first I was nervous but when I saw others do it it built up my confidence. When I first saw the lazer guns i was shocked, I thought the guns would be plastic and light. when I grabbed the gun, I nearly dropped it because it was that heavy.

Ethan P wrote:

Some of my favourite activities at kingswood were the 3G swing, giant zip wire and caving because they are things I have never done before and they challenged me in lots of different ways.

Daniel R wrote:

I had an incredible experience at Kingswood Colomendy. It was extremely challenging to be the first one in my group to attempt at least 5 activities but whilst I was doing them I had so much fun. I cannot really say that I have conquered any fears because I don't really have any apart from the dark but I did enjoy witnessing others overcome theirs. My absolute favourite activity was The 3G Swing because it was totally awesome going 1st and also going all the way to the top. The Giant Zip wire was great fun too , the only bad (and tiring) thing about this thrilling activity was the humongous hill we had to walk up. How the leaders that work there walk up and down that every single day I do not know! Their legs must be hurting so much (mine definitely were).Me and our leader Ben had so much banter together , and it all started on the very first day when we were doing The Scrapheap Challenge. We were split up into groups of 5 and given a plastic bottle and a coloured cone to start with. Then Ben said to us "Your group will receive sellotape for every joke you tell me that makes me laugh" So I immediately walked right up to him and told loads of jokes but then I told him a knock knock joke. And another, and another...... And for the rest of the week I kept on saying knock knock whenever i saw him and he laughed straight away every time.

The Disco was amazing ! At first, it was just a couple of us dancing and loads of boys sat out because they couldn't be bothered but then we started playing musical chairs and statues and everyone joined in. I cannot remember who was the winner but whoever it was , I didn't really care. I enjoyed it so that is all that matters. After them games we all gathered round like we were in some sort of club watching a professional dance battle-LOL. One at a time people went in and threw some shapes ( Luke was awesome ! I never knew he was that good at dancing. Kart-Wheels , Roundoffs , RoliePolies , Slides , Break-Dancing : He had the whole package to becoming a professional!) But then , funnily enough , Ben (our leader) started dancing like a pro too ! FrontFlips , Elbow Stands , Applejacks , Baby-Freezes and BackFlips. I loved seeing him dance.

Zak H wrote:

The food at Kingswood was great we all had a great laugh and now I have lots of great memories.
Mr Allen, Miss Harwood and Mrs k encouraged us all to do everything. Mr Allen broke some great dance moves on the dance floor at the disco. He made up a great song called EVERYWHERE WE GO!!!!! he would walk down the hill and sing it so everyone knew who we were.
I bet all the other teachers there couldn't make up a great song like Mr Allen's.
Laser quest was great it was very muddy we all lay on the floor and got full of it Miss Harwood was playing she would shout ATTTACK!!!
we ran towards the other group and shot them.
The giant zip wire was my favourite at first I didn't want to do it but in the end all thanks to Miss Harwood I did it I screamed al the way down it but when I got to the bottom I was really glad I did it.
When we first arrived we went caving I wanted to give up so many times but all thanks to the staff at Kingswood I carried on and completed the activities.
Thank you so much Miss Harwood, Mr Allen and Mrs K you are all the best teachers ever.
Thank you to all of you at Kingswood.

Ronnie R wrote:


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