Explanation Text Homework

Date: 30th Nov 2015 @ 10:49am

Last week, year 5 produced some absolutely wonderful text maps for their homework and performed them in class. I was super impressed! This week, your task is to produce an explanation text that describes why the moon is round. You can use as much imagination as you like! However, I do want to use causal and temporal connectives. Also, please make sure that you proof read your work so that it makes complete sense! 



Harry Davies wrote:

Why is the moon round?

Nobody really knows why the moon is round but some people tell stories about why the moon is round with some people even thinking that the moon used to be a cube or a pyramid.

Here is one story about why the moon is round.

When birds went flying at night, the moon’s sharp edges scratched the birds while they were flying, making them lose some feathers. Eventually, the birds got tired of this so they asked the woodpeckers to fly up to the moon and peck it till it turned into a sphere.

Another story people tell about why the moon is round is that when aliens wanted to play space football their spaceball kept popping on the corners of the pyramid. Before long, the aliens got tired of getting new balls so they decided to shoot the moon with their laser guns until it was a ball with no more corners.

James wrote:

I like your ideas

Ben Crabtree wrote:


Oliver wrote:

The reason why the moon is round is because it was a triangle but the aliens could not play football with it so the ran on it so it could be a sapphire so they could play football again.now they can play football without it hurting their toes so now they can play football.

Another reason why the moon is round is because before your great great great grandfather was born a person went to space and saw that the moon was a rectangle and red.people thought that the red moon was red cheese but it wasn't. So the person painted the moon yellow and ran on it so that's why the moon is round

Another reason why the moon is round is because a long time ago the moon fell out of the sky and it was a triangle so it was spinning round and round so it is a sapphire and landed right in front of the space station. So then they went to space and stuck it back

Watch out because it might fall on your house

Macy wrote:

GREEN- I like your ending

Emmy wrote:


Jack wrote:

I liked all of it especially the start. I like how the aliens play football it made me laugh!

Shelby K wrote:

Why is the moon round?
Cast your mind back to when you can last remember seeing the moon shaped like a triangle or a quadrilateral. To the naked eye, the moon appears round, as do most of the planets.

The main reason is the distance it is from us on the earth. Because if you were to view it from Jupiter or mars it would most probably appear to have corners and right angles.

Another explanation is that centuries ago the moon was lived on by moon monsters, who ate and munched their way through all the edges and corners which eventually resulted in the moon becoming spherical and all the monsters falling off.

However the final reason- most unlikely- the moon is actually only a reflection of the sun on a enormous, flat, wide mirror which was placed in the solar system by aliens, to hide another eight planets and various shaped moons behind it.

Therefor, the moon always appears to be a circle because we view it from such an odd angle and great distance.

Weronika W wrote:

I like your adverbs and your imagnation.You could add more causl conectives.

Joe S wrote:

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love your imagination. :)

Reece wrote:

Do you want to know why the moon is round, well if you do please read on because space is really fascinating and really interesting.

Nobody really knows why the moon is round but some people tell stories about why the moon is round with some people even thinking that the moon used to be a cube or a pyramid.

The reason why the moon is round is because the alien inventor who loved making things, made a gun that changed things into a different shape. But when the aliens lived on mars the moon was a cube so the aliens shot the gun at the moon it turned into a pyramid so their was a problem. That causes, the aliens to shoot the gun at the moon so it will turn into a circle. so they shot the gun at the moon then it turned into a circle.

And that is why the moon is a circle.

Oliver wrote:

It's really good and I like it when you put facanating and interesting πŸ˜€

Shay wrote:

Why is the moon round?

Some people are not really sure why the moon is round but experts think that the main reason why it is round. Is that when aliens came to earth they liked football. since, the ball is round they decided to change the moon from a triangle to a circle because the ball is a circle.

Another reason why the moon is round is that when monkeys came to earth the liked eating donuts therefore, the change the moon into a shape of a donut. Which is a circle. The monkeys also tried to put Jam into the moon. But unfochnly, it was a pretty hard thing to do when you are monkeys because you don't have good brains like us human beings.

Experts think that our human I sight is not very good. They think that the moon is really a dog shape. But if you see that it isn't a circle it is a dog shape please email www.moon.sky

That is why they are only seen in books, in the sky and you might be lucky to see one somewhere else.

Oliver wrote:

When it says why it is round it should be why it's round but the rest is great well done for doing your homework and well done for trying πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

charlotte wrote:

Green- You have used lots of good causal connectives, and I really like your ideas...!

Weronika W wrote:

Why are moon's round?

Many centurys ago,people who went to space were firamal with the funny and gentle appearce of Orancatalieys. Thier skin could change colour red to white to green but thier normal colour is orange. Therefor you can not see them so if there is danger they can turn into the colour and camouflarge.

These magnificent creatures can shape a planet in to any shape they want. So one dark morning when they were gliding through the dark morning sky they saw the moon which was shaped for some reason in to a taco.

When they saw the moon it wasn't moving so they decied to change it in to a circel. The children started to push it and the white taco moon was on a move going around the other planet's. So the parent's went to chase it.

Once they caught it and put it back to it's place where it was and then changed it in to a substantial white ball. That's why moons are round. When space-men go to space they see these funny creatures making planet's into diffrent shapes and sizes.

Cade k wrote:

I think you did good adverbials

Emmy wrote:


Macy wrote:

GREEN - I love your vocabulary GREAT

Ella wrote:

I think you have used some great advrbs and good vocabulary

Cade K wrote:

Why is the moon round? The moon is round because aliens like how there space ship looks so they a got zaber and shot the moon.But the aliens didn't like the shape so the they chaned it again so they had tea and there food was shaped like circle so the alian got his zaber and shot the moon agian then the moon was round. That is why the moon is round

Leah wrote:

I really like it

Adam P wrote:

Why is the moon round?

Many hypotheses explain why the moon is round but I came up with another theory.

I think that billions of years ago,long before first people appeared on earth,the ancient Titans didn't have anything to entertain themselves with,so they just sat and played the dice. As they could only dream of xboxes and playstations in those days, they played and played until the dice became so worn that they eventually turned into spheres.Since the spherical dice never stopped rolling, they became useless and therefore the Titans tossed them into the sky.

The dice were thrown with such incredible power that they stayed up in the sky as a result.This is how not only the moon but also the stars were formed. Moreover, what we think are craters on the moon is really what is left of the dots on the dice.

Jack wrote:

Why the moon is round

Many people are familiar with the moon but not that many know why it is round.

Scientists and Experts think it was caused by green aliens who were going to Mars but when their space crafts crashed on the moon(which was square) the aliens thought that the moon was a nice planet but they didn't like the shape.

They took out a lawn mower(which was the size the Big ben) but when they got it working it gave out a big gasp and broke. The aliens were really annoyed so they went to their leader. King alien, who was really smart, ordered that they should make a special device that would make the moon a sphere. The aliens did as they were commanded.

A few days later, The aliens who were super excited, gathered around to see the event. It is a well known fact that Fred the alien was the one who was most excited. King alien announced that the moon will now be a sphere in
In three seconds flat the moon was now a sphere.

So that is why the moon is a sphere not a square not a rectangle and not a triangle.

Grace H wrote:

I like your adverbs well done I want to read on !!!!!!!!!!!!

Emmy wrote:

Since the year 1992, the moon was substantial like an American football. Consequently 2 brainy scientists made a rocket using clean metal, candy floss seats and a fire breathing dragon right at the edge. They flew up and took with them a laser and immediately shot the 2 edges until it turned into a circle. Therefore the moon is now circular.

Charlotte wrote:

GREEN-Your vocabulary is amazing. I want to read on

Macy wrote:

GREEN-I like the bit were the candyfloss seats are

Grace H wrote:

I like your vocab I also like to brainy scientist that's good I want to read on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe S wrote:

Why Is The Moon Round?

Everyone has heard or seen the moon, but have you ever wondered why it is round? Ever since man has been around the moon has been round. But resent studies have shown that before the dinosaurs were even thought of the moon was a different shape. So if you want to know why the moon is round then read on.

At first the moon was an orange cuboid! Then, the football aliens came. The football aliens, who were really boring, were on a mission to make all the moons in the universe to look like a football. they did this so they could play 0-gravity football.

The football aliens started firing red lasers at the poor moon! Eventually it was shaped into a sphere but it was all jagged and it had mountains as high as mount Everest! So the football aliens covered the moon in plasterboard. Because the plasterboard was brown, they had to paint it with wight poster paint. the black spots on the moon are actually the dots on the football.

Over the years, the paint has been fading away to a gray. It is jagged now because of consent meteors have been hitting the surface of the moon. In a few hundred years, the moon will be brown! Luckily the football aliens didn't play 0-gravity football with our moon. So that is why the moon is round.

Ben Crabtree wrote:

Why is the moon round?

Nobody actually knows why the moon is round, but lots of people like to tell stories that it was once shaped like a cube.

But the story your about to here is the exact reason why the moon is round.

So, when there were trolls on this land, they saw that the moon was shaped like a cube and they didn't like so they attempted to change it into a sphere with a sphereinator, but it didn't work. After that the trolls invented a magic sphere staff which had the ability to turn things into spheres. Eventually the trolls made it to space they shot one of the spheres from the staff at the moon but the moon was to big for it to turn into a sphere because the staff wasn't powerful enough. after trying and trying and trying and trying, it just wasn't happening. So the trolls just gave up, then they they built a shrink ray an shrank the moon then used the sphere staff and it worked, then they built a giant ray and made the moon back to its original size and it was a sphere. The trolls had a party to celebrate them turning the moon into a sphere, but the trolls partied to hard and sadly died.

So please don't turn the moon into any other shape PLEASE!!!

Grace H wrote:

I really like your end that makes me laugh I really want to read on well done its good !!!!!!

James wrote:

why is the moon round?

People say the moon was initially a cube others say it was a pyramid. Nobody really knows why the moon is round thats why scientists are still trying to find out today. If you want to find out more about why this mysterious planet is now round then read on.

Experts say the main reason as to why the moon is round is because of astronauts bouncing and jumping on it. After about a decade of jumping the moon finnaly turned into a sphere. Consequently, the moon is now a substantial sphere in space.

A reason why the moon is round is because God animals were getting hurt. Due to the corners of the cube shaped moon, bats were getting hurt. Therefore, the population of bats is decreasing rapidly. After that, God decided to change the shape of the moon to a sphere. God didn't like the colour of the moon so he changed it to black. The moon was black but only for a few days because animals couldn't see. Then it was changed back again.

So that is why when the moon is seen today its usually round; however look out it might change shape or colour again. Shhhhhh don't tell your kids the moon will never change again!

Harry wrote:

like your third paragraph

Charlotte wrote:

Why is the moon round...?

Many people are familiar with the moon, but not many know how it became its present shape. Most say that it is because of football loving aliens, but that isn't actually the true reason.

The main reason that the moon is round is due to the man that lives on it. Unbelievably, the moon used to be red, and shaped like a cuboid. Owing to the fact that the man on the moon loved spheres, he asked some children to help him. on Christmas Day, 1985, he tied a message onto a brick, and sent it down to Earth. When it arrived at Earth, 3 children made a ginormous snowball, and asked some astronauts to superglue it to the sky. However, they still had to destroy the other moon. First of all, they had to make thousands of snowballs, and fire them at the moon.

The astronauts then flew up to the moon, and picked up the man. once the snowballs hit the moon, it crashed onto Earth. That enabled, the astronauts to position the new one, and superglue it, thus allowing the man to live on it again. Consequently, they knew that it would occasionally start to melt. This was because of the light. So that the snowball couldn't melt, scientists made space dark!

Another reason why the moon is round , is because of the man on it wanting to go for a walk. Every time the man tried to go for a walk, he would walk straight off the edge, forgetting that it was cuboid. luckily, thanks to gravity, he floated back up again. Therefore, he changed it so that it was round! since he changed it round, he never fell off it again.

Macy wrote:

Since 100BC the moon was actually a pyramid shape, but then wolves wasn't alive .Ever since the wolves have been alive there always have to be a full moon for them to come out. They never ever ever ever come out when there is half a moon

just warn you the wolves will eat you all night!

Here's the real story why the moon is round

Lots of people think the moon is round because goblins used to play basketball on the round moon. So the solar system explores thought how far could they get without falling off the moon it took 2-3 hours for them to come and play on the moon and it only took them 30 seconds to fall of.Daft ah. So the solar explores thought lets make it a square so they can still play basketball but in the human eye sight it is actually a circle so it looks quite pretty.

WARNING: goblins will change the shape sooner or later!

jasmine wrote:

the moon is round because aliens loved snow globes.This moon circle idea was caused bay a child that wanted to give some aliens some Christmas presents.Consequently the girls dads job was being a space man.So she told her dad to take the 8 snow globes she bout with her pocket money and told him to take it to space.

When the girls dad went to space he took the 8 snow globes and took to to space and left them on ton the moon.Heres a substantial fact some alpenstock the snow globe because they liked the shape of it and they took a giant scissors and cut the poor rectangle moon into a circle.And thank you for reading the DEFANITION of why the moon is a circle

Charlotte wrote:

GREEN: You have used phenomenal casual connectives, and your idea is amazing...! 😜😜

Ella wrote:

Why the moon is round

Nobody knows why the moon is round but if you read on you will find out.

The main reason why the moon is round is because it actually a cube but we can not see it that way because have the worst eye sight In the world. However the only creatures that see this is the animals who can see a lot of things have apparently proved that the moon is a cube. Therefor the moon is a cube

Another reason why the moon is round is that the space minons who are round play all over the place and make a big circle so they will not make us suspicious and don,t worry they have a lot of fun doing that .

One of the reason why the moon is round is the aliens who ate space Mcdonlds where eating the yummy space Mcdonlds kept on eating the huge food that made them grow so big that there big heads made the moon look so huge and round we now see it round

So that is why the moon is round and how it became round.

Harrison wrote:

The lunar lemon:mystery of why the moon isn't round solved as scientists say tides gave our satellite it's lozenge shape.Tides caused the moon to change shape as it was forming,researchers have found.They say the gravitational pull of earth caused the tides more than four billion years ago.

Aliens loved playing space hockey so they decided to make the moon into a hockey ball,but they had to pick three
of the most boring colours in space they were black,grey and white.The aliens then decided to pick grey because it looked more like a hockey ball,so they all went down to earth to tell everyone the news.

Another reason why the moon is round,is because Neil Armstrong - strong took his space helmet off and placed it on the moon.Thats when it turned into a sphere,and it could breath in the space helmet forever.

Skyla Harman wrote:

Why the moon is round?
If you don't know why the moon is round then read on,the moon was not always round it used to be a square shape but because the space fairys didn't like the shape they turned it round.

Another reason why the moon is round is although aliens are known to be evil they actually provide air for us.But they thought well if we do so much nice stuff for humans
why don't we do something good for us,so they decided to make the moon shape round since that's the only shape they knew other then square so that is why the moon is round. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‡

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