Description Homework

Date: 17th Jan 2017 @ 12:30pm

This week, our homework, as part of our Topic-Fantasy Stories, is to write a of either: a character; a settings description; or an object (such as a potion and a box).

Try and include the things that you have been looking at in class. For example: embedded relative clauses, the colon for expansion, and direct speech.

I hope your writing is as fantastic as it was today!

Miss Smith



Darcy R wrote:

Albert stepped onto the other blimp with courage and then he new what had been waiting for him... Squinting his eyes he was trying hid best to pick out the breathtaking features of this creature.This something (or someone) was alarming: the hypnotising eyes that swirled green and purple brought Albert closer to the figure. It's tall shadow towered over Albert like he was an ant making Albert more frightened that ever. The long trailing cloak hugged the creature;in addition, the large over-sized boots with studs as sharp as needles told a terrifying story to Albert. There sat in the mans hand was a potion:belligerent bubbles fizzed in the bottle tempting Albert to come closer. Although Albert was tempted, he couldn't go much further because of the danger sign on the bottle. Sparks flew behind the mans back outlining the leather cloak. As the creature opened its mouth and hissed "please help me rule over all, I need you to deliver as many as these potion bottles to the kingdom as you can!"
"Ok but you must promise me that you will take me home after we have delivered all of the potions." Replied Albert in a stern manner.
"Sure!" Hissed the man.
But Albert had made a mestake, he didn't know what was ahead of his journey!

Charlie G wrote:

The Dream Catcher

⦁The Dream Catcher has long, skinny legs: bright, blue eyes and long fingernails. Despite the fact that he has stolen millions of dreams : children forget there happy dreams.

⦁In the mist this weird somebody - or something was stood waiting for something to happen but Albert could not figure out what.

⦁Because the dream catcher steals children's good dreams to make a lethal liquid, he is not a nice person.

⦁Standing in the misanthropic air: illuminus orange eyes starred at Albert but Albert did not dare to even make a noise.

I don't know if I have got my punctuation right :l

Haydn B wrote:

The potion, that was illuminous green, was swimming around the neon green acid. The box - that had a bright , blinding potion - was tenaciously delivered to the year 5 children. The potion, that was very glossy,was thrown into the ship by an unusual man. The box, that was very mysterious ,was so strange it didn't even have a stamp. The potion - that was very unusual - was blinding to the eye. The box - that had mysterious pictures inside - was delivered from the neon sky in cloud land.

James C wrote:

The box was illuminous : illuminous blinding green lights shone out of the box like solar beams

. A black figure stood firmly, his collar shone as bright as a firefly, above his waste were six shinning silver buttons, his eyes glowed brighter than sun.

A space range stood still as a lamppost his white outfit looked like a star that could never end, The glass on his helmet was as black as sun glasses, the buttons on his jacket made him look like a robot.

The boys cap was red, white and yellow his torso was as blue as the ocean, his shoes were as spotty as a cheetah. his hair was as long as a buffalos hair.

Olivia H wrote:

The abnormal figure stood there, as if trying to hypnotise my soul. Her horn was phosphorescent: unbelievably bright light flew from it as if trying to get away from her pitch black soul. Bloodcurdling as her horn was, it still had a miniscule tinge of friendliness about it. This was what made me step closer.

I saw her body. Black as stone and as cold as ice. Her tail- rainbow coloured -flicked at the sight of me. White like a polar bear was her stomach. As I looked at her terrifying silhouette, I noticed something I had never seen before. Something that made her slightly funny. Her mouth was strange: a white smudge seemed to show above her top lip. As she noticed me looking at it she covered it up with her paw.

I took another daunting step forwards. That was when I noticed her mouth- shut before- had opened. Orange sparks danced around a forked tongue, waiting for the command to be fired. The illuminous sparks danced around her tongue until, BANG! Her shot was fired. Right above my head. Just inches away from the top of my highest hair.

All of a sudden, I realised my hair, the highest point of my hair, was on fire. Her eyes- soul taking and maleficent- spun around. I was going somewhere.

Finally my feet touched the ground. Then I saw it. A quaint land.

Daisies danced in perpetual line. The trees were not quite normal: red and white patterns striped across them making me believe they were candy canes. In fact, they were candy canes. Mountains- light brown- towered higher than the eye could see. The mountains were draped with a kind blanket of snow. I stopped and took a few steps closer. Incredibly large SPONGE CAKE mountains battled trying to reach the sky. The snow- actually icing- was keeping the cake warm. In front of it, a house (no, a gingerbread house) was proudly standing.

As I turned around, I saw a whole different picture.

The trees were frightening: long, grey branches hung off them like spider webs. There was no friendly life here. The clouds- deep grey- had terrible spikes sticking out of them.

Then I realised. The cold-hearted figure had taken me to the world of the opposites.

George G wrote:

My setting description:

It was a warm, summers evening in the isolated, abandoned forest.The sky (as the sun began to set) was an illuminous orange and reflected warmly on the turquoise, calm sea. I was surrounded by gargantuan trees with there bushy, green branches and i could hear the sound of the birds chirping and the trees swaying in the cool summer breeze. In the distance, was a mysterious, enchanted castle. The castle was colossal: grand towers disappeared into the clouds like a balloon floating up to Heaven. On the highest branch on the tallest tree was a large, yellow clock. The clock, which charmed every hour, hung over the glistening, blue sea.

Veronica P wrote:

As scared as a new born owl,Albert's trembling feet lead him to an obscure figure.As Albert was about to take one more step the figure turned around and tenaciously grabbed a book.He then deeply murmured to himself "inside this book may I go" then as if just like magic, the mysterious figure disappeared into the book. Albert took a step forward puzzled as to what had gone on and he was grasped by a big gust of wind into the book. Not long after,Albert was in a magical world. Albert weakly stood up off the dusty floor. The figure,was already ahead of Albert. There was lots and lots of clouds Albert thought he was in a fantasy book because there were lots of clouds around him.

George G wrote:

My setting description:

It was a warm, summers evening in an isolated, mystical forest. The sky (as the sun began to set) was an illuminous orange and reflected warmly on the turquoise, calm sea.
Surrounding me,were gargantuan trees with there bushy, green branches. I could hear the birds chirping and the trees swaying in the cool, summer breeze.
In the distance was a mysterious, enchanted castle. The castle was colossal: grand towers disappeared into the clouds like a balloon floating up to Heaven.
On the highest branch of the tallest tree was a large, yellow clock. The clock, which charmed every hour, hung over the glistening, blue sea.

Maisie P wrote:

The some one -or something - stood solitude as a tree admiring alberts appearance from head to toe. This creature ,that looked as frightening than the howls of the blue moon , had a rotting scarf and fluorescent green ,circular eyes . from his waist up wards ,there lay a collar that spells warning all around . He was petrifying: black cloak strangled his waist as the night sky flutters around his dark shaded boots.This magnificent creature, took one daunting leap and already Albert was gulping at the back of his throut sweat dripped, nerves shattered,teeth clashed . The violent looking person whispered to himself as he was holding a illumines green potion with a slight hint of death in it "I shall burn you to receive a great power that no one can defeat" Albert reply with a suspicious tone "you do know that I'm right here... hello any body there" Then out of no where came a hit into the face .The weather was picking up and then became a storm Albert fell into the eye of the storm at a frightening hour . Whilst he was still screaming for his life ,he heard a faint voice getting louder and louder the more he fell down the eye of the storm .It was his mum whispering time to get up for school .So he bounced out of bed ready to tell his friends about the advent he had at the back of his mind .

Veronica P wrote:

As scared as new born owl,Albert trembling feet bought him to a crooked bridge he slowly walked across to the pitch black room which was on the other side. When Albert was about to take one more step a figure suddenly appeared out of no where, he said deeply"bring me" he dissapears in the distanse. Worriely, Albert took some more steps as his mind was thinking of where it came from.

Leo M wrote:

The potion was illuminated : outstanding chemicals swam around the unknown bottle as if it was trying to get out. The transparent potion - which had been lying around for years - was unusually gargantuan.The unknown bottle contained dangerous liquids ; nevertheless the potion was rare.Because

Leo M wrote:

The potion was illuminated : glowing liquids swam around the bottle as if it was trying to get out.The transparent potion - Which has been lying around for years - was unusually gargantuan . The bottle was pointed ; nevertheless it won't cause any injuries . Although the bottle was burdensome, he was able to pick it up. The mystique bottle (which was rare) was unknown for its kind . Even though the chemicals were rare, they are in scientific evidence.

Leo M wrote:

The potion was illuminated : glowing liquids swam around the bottle as if it was trying to get out.The transparent potion - Which has been lying around for years - was unusually gargantuan . The bottle was pointed ; nevertheless it won't cause any injuries . Although the bottle was burdensome, he was able to pick it up. The mystique bottle (which was rare) was unknown for its kind . Even though the chemicals were rare, they are in scientific evidence.

Erin P wrote:

The potion was bright: green liquid swirled around like a ballerina pirouetting on a white cloud of cotton. The illuminous potion, which was as green as spring green grass, was thrown in a cage of fire. Flames shot up with a flicker of a spark falling through the little crack creating a green light through the eerie,wooden floor. The light was as bright as the moon and made the whole world light up.

Within a blink of an eye,the potion came back to life, and a horrific laugh burnt out the flames of fear.
The potion was bright: it changed colour depending on the figures mood just like a chameleon camouflaging.

Patrick C wrote:

Long lost memories echoed through the room.The abnormal figure rose through the background.A figure,which was outlined with green sparks of sudden light,glimpsed over the balcony.The moon swung from side to side.Pink clouds ran through the night sky,causing the dark to vanish.

White linings stood out in the room-the only source of light-lost souls pounded on the doors, trying to escape from the mystery character.Long gasps of breath echoed through the rooms I was terrified,something very strange looking was approaching me with an incredible speed.I noticed in the moonlight a black,plastic mask on it's face.It's hissing breath was jumping through my ears:booming in the moonlight-freezing my feet-leaving me stuck to my spot.

I understood why he approached me so fast,little rockets where attached to his loose,holed shoes.Raging fires appeared from his shoes nearly giving flame to his long,ripped trousers.Even though the figure had a regular size,he seemed like a terrifying giant dressed in illuminous armour.Never in my life have I ever saw anything like it.It's eyes with fires burning in them,it's hands clenched,it's feet still and it's mind whirring.

Crazy thoughts filled my mind:it's true,it's a robot.Denying all the thoughts I ran as quickly as I possibly could,my feet were on fire,even though I didn't have rockets.

Zachary W wrote:

It was a dank, dark night - much like any other - and the dark spooky house stood in front of my very eyes. On further inspection it was a five story mansion. As I approached the front the gates (they had greasy, yellow fungus growing on them), they opened to welcome me, but they didn't welcome me at all. Then, as fast as the blink an eye, I saw it; a bolt of lightning forked down on top of the decrepit, deserted, disaster of a mansion.
The door was unlocked, so I hastily pushed the creaky door open, just wide enough for me to get in.
"Hello, Is anyone there?" My voice bellowed through the hallways echoing on each wall.
Right in front of me was a tall spiralling staircase. It was as high as Blackpool tower! After the long and tiring climb up the ever squeaking stairs, I saw an old grandfather clock, like I've never seen before. A moment later, I heard a "bong, bong, bong, bong!" I felt a draft of air, as if someone had stepped over my grave.
In the room in front of me, the rocking horse started rocking, music started to play, the candle on the bedside table lit up and everything stopped! I went in, petrified; the creepy staircase started creaking, as the old clock stopped slamming from side to side of the wooden rectangle. "BANG!" The door slammed shut and I picked up a letter on a nearby table. It read, "you are trapped here for ever! Ha, ha, ha…"

Luca S wrote:

Albert , who had just jumped on the blimp , had seen a illuminated path along the deck of the ship . Now there was a illuminated path , he could find his way towards the potion . Then he saw a figure - someone or something was throwing objects into the engine of the blimp . Albert looked the man top to bottom .

The man had bolts strapped to his gas mask : the bolts had radiated light beams and that is what had made the illuminated path . He had anoversized collar , which looked like a flower , flapped in the wind as the blimp went faster and faster .

Jacob S wrote:

Albert slowly crept into the blimp and he knew someone was waiting for him. The pugnacious man was holding a box ,which had been from cloud land, he was petrified like he was never before. The box was fragile : like yellow flames flashing in the night fresh air . The man was holding a box and he suddenly threw it into a sinister looking over sized, deep, dark box.

Ciera W wrote:

To Albert's astonishment he found himself admiring a very gigantic Blimp in the middle of the sky. Albert became hypnotized and came closer and closer until he was right next to the Blimp. The young befuddled boy thought about what he was about to do. Albert took a deep breath in and got off his cloud and jumped onto the Blimp.

Albert gradually entered the isolated blimp and to his surprise a potion, that Albert thought was one litre of green goo.The potion was bizarre; however, the only thing normal was that it had a label on the side saying what is was, it said it was some liquid to use for fuel (or was it). The blimp was strange, despite it being in the sky, because it was all painted black, so you could hardly see what was inside it (apart from the things that were not black, such as the potion) that gave Albert no clue what it was doing there.

The potion on the other hand was sending out green sparks into the atmosphere, never mind turning anything that was in its reach green. It also created lots and lots of bubbles. Albert could not bear to see what would happen next, so he took a little step back, when he thought he saw at something moving in the blimp.

Dark clouds gathered around him as a warning that something evil would happen to scare him. Five seconds later he entered the blimp to see what was going on, wondering what would happen next... Then he knew what it was. It was a tall and thin man who wore black and had golden eyes, but Albert did not say a word.

Jacob S wrote:

The perilous bottle stood bored on the top of the metal shelf. As it stood bored green bogeys rotated around the transparent bottle and went angry..........
The bogeys transformed into a small men (elf) and kicked the bottle till it fell and cracked. As the owner went to get the potion he saw a mess .......
As the figure looked around the blimp he just saw at the end of his eye, the elf
climbing to the balloon.
As the figure used his tedious hands to climb up the Blimp, he looked face to face with the elf.
"I am sorry for not using you, I forgot about the last potion" gasped the figure.
"It doesn't matter now, I'm free!!!!" yelled the elf in delight as if all his birthdays had arrived on one day.
Whilst the figure looked up in the gloomy blue moon, the elf sneakily pushed the figure off the Blimp. The figure screamed in surprise as he fell down. The figure suddenly remembered his super sonic, shiny, jet pack and pressed the shimmering red button.
It catapulted the figure up to space and return back to the Blimp; "surprise!!!" said the figure as he swiftly and cunningly swung his strong, mighty arms and pushed the elf to oblivion.
The figure thought to himself "I always have the last laugh ha ha ha........."

Alfie C wrote:

The potion was mystique : unown kemicals inside the bottle were sweeling as if it was trying to get out.The transparent potion:was acute ;however it didnt cause any injurys.The bottle was pointed ; nevertheless it won't cause any injuries.Even though the chemicals were rare, they are in scientific evidence.he was able to pick it up. The mystique bottle (which was rare) was unknown for its kind .Although the bottle was burdensome, he was able to pick it up

Charlie G wrote:

In the mist there was somebody - or something waiting for something to happen.
Albert squinted his eyes to get a closer look at this figure but the mist was too dark; In fact, you could barely see a thing. The figures eyes rotated black and white, which attracted the valiant yet timid boy. The tall shadow, which was as tall as a tree, towered over Albert. "What are you doing on my ship" hissed a deep voice. Albert was scared to answer, but instead he spotted an illuminus liquid: hot to touch and dangerous to go near.

This man (well Albert thought it was a man) wore an overlapping collar which tenaciously gripped onto his neck, grey slithery lips, long black finger nails and a mask. Immediately, Albert felt more valiant and he wanted to finally answer back so he asked "what are you doing" How do I get of this ship? JUST PLEASE HELP ME!."

The man replied with a angry voice "Just one question at a time child."
At that very second Albert spotted a hole in the blimp so as quick as a flash, the young boy jumped out and luckily, he landed on a soft surface. The valiant boy couldn't believe his eyes there were a host of golden daffodils dancing in the summer air, the sun beaming out its light and lovely green grass: the height of Albert's knee caps.

The boy thought he was in a dream but actually he wasn't. In a blink of an eye, there was a snow queen. Albert thought to himself this is strange because it is summer. The stunning woman said "You have arrived" Albert replied confusingly "What for". Ad then the snow queen answered back "Follow me and we will go on an adventure together, Albert said "Yes" but Albert made an extremely big mistake...

Joseph A wrote:


What was Benin c 900 CE?
The period from 900 - 1200 AD or CE say the Edo people lay the foundations for what would become the African kingdom of Beninin a area located near modern southern Nigeria. The period covers the first dynasty of the Edo under their rulers the Ogisos.

How did the kingdom begin?
Around the year 900 groups of Edo people began to cut trees and make clearings in the rainforest . At first they lived in small family groups, but gradually these groups developed into a kingdom. The kingdom was called Igodomigodo. It was ruled by a series of kings, known as Ogisos, which means 'rules of the sky'. In the 11 hundreds there were struggles for power and the Ogisos lost control of their kingdom. The Edo people feared that their kingdom would fall into chaos, so they asked their neighbor, the King of Ife, for help. The King sent his son (prince Oranmiyan) to restore peace to the Edo kingdom. Oranmiyan chose his son Ewika to be the first Oba of Benin. Ewika was the first in a big line of people who wanted to be Oba as they found peace in the 1500s.

I hope you enjoyed my Benin empire non - chronological report.

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