Year 5 Christmas Poetry Homework!!

Date: 13th Dec 2015 @ 1:06pm

This week, Year 5 have been drafting some Christmas poetry! They have used a selection of the grammar targets from this year so far and the poems are looking fantastic. We have used this video to help us generate some ideas:

For homework, I would like you to draft and write another Christmas poem. As well as putting your final draft on this blog, you could write another one, decorate it and give it to somebody for Christmas. You can either use the Snowman Video, The Man on the Moon Video (https ://  or your imagination for ideas. 

If you are peer marking other poems, make sure you refer to grammar and vocabulary (as well as ideas).

Here's a reminder of some of our  targets:


Super Challenge

Blow Your Socks Off

Simile (like or as)



Hyperbole (e.g exaggeration; the strech’d in never-ending line)



Personification (qualities of a person e.g Wordsworth’s flowers fluttering and dancing in the breeze)



2 complex sentences with the subordinating conjunctions because and although.




2 complex sentences( one with the subordinating conjunction at the start and one with the subordinating conjunction in the middle)

3 Complex sentences (one with the subordinating conjunction at the start, one with the subordinating conjunction in the middle, and one with 2 subordinating conjunctions!)

Prepositional phrases (Wordsworth: beside the lake, beneath the trees)




2 embedded relative clauses (who and which)

3 embedded relative clauses ( with the relative pronouns who, which, where)



A range of synonyms for verbs e.g walked; sauntered.; ambled



A range of expanded noun phrases to describe the main character e.g.snowman; glistening, towering man; a mysterious figure; cloaked in white.

cade k wrote:

As the snowy flakes fell down it touched a child nose the child eyes dazzled the child wondered how a snow man would feel as the snow man was cloaked in white the snow man was going to be lonly until christmas morn the little girl on christmas morn she built a snow womenfor the snowman so the snowman will never be alone agian.

Faith Moore wrote:

Green, lovely discription and I neary cried when it thought about the video!!!★

Harry wrote:

If you want everyone to have a present, well, listen to this story in a poem.

There was a mysterious man

Who lived on the moon

He lived all alone

But he had a friend that lived on earth

It was a girl with chocolate hair

The girl, who loved him to the moon and back, tried to send him a letter,

She tried to show it from a long ladder

She tried to wrap it around an arrow and fire it with a bow

She tried to throw it like a paper aeroplane

But nothing worked

Because he was lonely, she decided to make a picture to show him where she lives

When it came to Christmas, she wanted a telescope to send to the man on the moon

She placed the telescope and picture in a box which was wrapped in Christmas paper

The Christmas paper sparkled like stars

Because she knew throwing it would not work, she stuck colourful balloons to the box

The present floated up to the everlasting moon where the man sat.

The gift glided into the man’s arms, making a smile appear on his face.

He opened the box

He looked through the telescope

Friends forever

Emmy wrote:

great vocabulary harry !

Emmy wrote:

great vocabulary harry !

Adam P wrote:

It snowed last night.
The snow, soft and white
like feathers that fell out of angels' wings,
but so powerful it could crush a giant fir tree,
covered the whole world.
Sleepy snowdrops, snoring softly underneath the fluffy duvet,
are waiting for the sun to wake them up from their slumber.
I'm smiling in surprise, as I look at the snow globe scene
through the window that frost turned into an icy kaleidoscope.
Soon friendly snowmen will be guarding every house.
I better run and build myself one,
then make some snow angels, or have a snowball fight,
because it snowed last night.

Jasmine wrote:

Well done Adam I want to magpie like feathers that fell out of Angels wings

Faith Moore wrote:

Poem, man on the moon!!!

The man, who sat in the oak chair,steared like a puppy at the girl on earth. The girl lite up like a glistening star when she first laied eyes on the man on the moon . smiling up the, girl ambled up at the man.

Grace H wrote:

As the white soft snow falls from the bright blue sky and gently floats down to the ground, a child looked out of her window. She charged down the stairs and out of her front door and as she looked up to the bright blue sky a sparkly glowing snowflake fell on her bright red nose. As she wondered off she gazed at a substantial pile of snow which looked just right for building a snowman with. As she walked into her warm house she sat by the fire and had a hot chocolate with fresh cream on top and some substantial marshmallows. On Christmas morning she built a snow women because she had already built a snowman. She thought that he was lonely so the snowman would never be lonely again.

Emmy wrote:

Once there lived a little girl

who lived in a small house beside the trees beneath the snow

she loved building snowmen

so one particular night she built one

The figure cloaked in white was tall, small, fat and thin.

The snowman was breathing ice cubes like a fire breathing dragon

He set off on a journey throughout the town

But that night he was feeling down

He set off back home

And there we have it a woman snowman appeared

His love shall never die with his best friend Tilly.

Isabella H wrote:

This is my poem about Christmas:

Snow falls from towering tree tops,
Like angles, the snowflakes drifted softly side to side,
All of the fun sunlight stops,
And snowstorms majestically glide.
The everlasting snow is ice cold,
But it's beauty is as pure as gold.

On the ice coated lake and in the bitter breeze,
I watch people dance ever so gracefully,
In Christmas time, people happily smile for their minds come to ease,
Little children open their Christmas calendars joyfully,
This is a wonderful sight to see,
I'm sure that Santa, the flowers and trees also agree.

Snow kissed flowers die out in the winter,
Trees as old as generations gone by lose their hair in autumn,
Baby animals arrive in spring and most of them you could call a sprinter,
Christmas is a festive custom!
Giving gifts like chocolate and joy all around the world,
Boys and girls want gifts like footballs and pink, pretty ballerinas who's hair is twirled.

Christmas time is full of spirit and joy,
Every boy and girl will get their share of toy,
Christmas is about happiness and love,
In the song 12 days of Christmas it mentions a dove!
Keep a stress free year this year,
So that we can all give a great cheer!

Kian wrote wrote:

As fast as lightning the snow mad dragged hi ice solid body on the damp floor.It looked like he was dragging himself in neverending roads,when he got there he danced in joy!Quickly quietly and stumbly hi reached his destination and he was so happy

Weronika W wrote:

About the snowman and his pounding love.

Outside in the freezing cold snow as white as toothpaste the children went outside the old,tall cottage as the wind blew the trees danced and waved in the breeze.

Two children,who ran outside into the bright white snow,building a snowman and snowwomen in thier winter clothes as snugged as fur they slowly built a snowman and women.

Adding the last bit's as quick as thunder thier mother call's them in for,thier warm,steeming,dinner in a humid house in a boiling kichten boiling like the sun. After dinner the children went to bed looking through the window.Outside in the dark night as light turns off they look at each other in thier black,shiny,solid eyes falling to sleep.

Next morning as the sun rises,inside the cottage a human peeks and peers through the seethrough windows looking shocked in outstanding-line.The snowman disappeared and the snowwoman looking down,sad.The snowman travels over hills ending up on a field supprised trying tosqueeze through a flock of sheep seeing mountins and forests.Walking past the trees waving and chatting above feeling the snow crashing and hitting his face not giving up.Standing infront of a lake spreading his arms out in never ending-line landing from no were on his hand seeing,listening a robin singing and saying beautfully.The snowman looks amazed crying his eyes out for-ever.The robin say's find the power and the glory in your snowy heart and find the way across flying away in the blowing wind.The snowman thinks hardly that droplets of swets flow down.In a blink of an eye a glowing blanket appeared above then the snowman jumped and jumped onto the other side.

Crawling up a growing snowy mountain forever noking down rocks getting dirty.At the top finally he saw the glistening,bright sun lookingwhats next up to challenge him.Supprised that there was a village.Ahead walking above the dangers motorway going to close the bullging cars terrified he heads to town.Hidding behide the bins watching the children throw snow-balls at each other.Standing in the middle of the pavement star gazeing in the sky.Looking down at the shop going in and then coming out.Opening the blinds open wide seeing him back safe again but dusty.Looking down at the snow a wrap presten open.The snowman telling the story what he did it for it was because his heart,pounding love,staring at his girlfriend smileing.The girl puts the hat,gloves and scarf to make her heart to pomp love.Snow flakes fall,make a house before they kiss holding hands inside giving each other company.

Shelby K wrote:

I love all your vocabulary. Sometimes I had to research them in a dictionary. (literally I had to!)

Joe S wrote:

This is my Christmas Poem. This is about a boy having his first Christmas in the UK.

There once was a boy
Who had just moved to England.
He saw snow for the first time ever,
and it fell as gracefully as angels.

The very next day,
the little boy, who had never seen snow, found people making snowmen.
He went to join in,
to have lots of fun.
Even though he had never been in a snowball fight,
he still came first.

When it was time to come in
he joyfully joined his family for dinner.
Since he had been playing all day,
he ate all of his dinner.
After a wonderful tea,
they put up the Christmas tree.
The decorations danced and sparkled in the twinkly twilight sky.

On Christmas morning,
the boy was astounded by all the presents.
He was excited at them all because he had never got one.
The presents seemed to be endless!
But then he got one that was off uncle Kevin koo,
who he wasn't going to meet.

Harrison wrote:

As the snowman walked through the snow,he knew he had to buy his freind some clothes.

He had a marshmellow nose and no toes,but he still thoughtfully ran through the breeze.

Beside the farm house around the trees,the frozen figure jumped over the volcanic stream.

Although the man went up the hill,he fell back down the bumpy hill.

7 days 7 nights,

Reece wrote:

Once apon a time, lived a perishing figure that was as thick as a brick. It had a friend called Elizabeth. They was dancing in the ice braked snow playing snow angels. The boy said'' I wish my snowman was real .'' But that night, the artic figure really did come alive. 3 hours later he went on a eggsorsting adventure to buy his lovely girl friend a nice decorated present. The next morning, she was really chuffed with he present.

Ben Crabtree wrote:

As the snowman wandered through the towering piles of snow, he noticed the snowgirl standing and staring strait at him. The snowman looked very shy and the snowgirl looked very shy also, they both slowly walked towards each other and stood, held hands and both waked through the towering pies of snow.

Shelby K wrote:

My snowman poem:

Yesterday I built my snowman,
Built with love and care,
Some coals for eyes, carrot for nose,
And some wool to give him hair.

Today I will play with my snowman,
So he stays happy and cheerful,
Snowball fights, hide and seek,
If he loses, he is quite tearful

Oh I miss my snowman,
I wish he could of stayed,
But the sun came out, warmed him up,
Consequently, he melted as we played.

My summer poem:

S unshine every single day,
U nder trees in the shade,
M any people go away,
M aking castles with a spade,
E verybody wants to play,
R ight from a king to a maid

My winter poem:

W hen the snow begins to fall,
I love to go to the park,
N ice and warm, I chase my ball,
T ormenting dogs that bark,
E verybody jumps the wall,
R unning home when its dark.

Jasmine wrote:

It was snowing outside
The snow, fluffy and white
Fell on my hair as I sat in the garden
Waiting for my family as they travelled from afar.
The gentle calming breeze patted my face
As the humongous tree waved at me

I started to get the chills
I was called in to get my tea and pills
As I walked further and further,
I smelt the lovely,delicious
Smell of Christmas dinner.

I glanced with wonder at the presents as I walked passed the Christmas tree
Pile upon pile of beautifully wrapped boxes
My heart pounded with excitement as I eagerly waited for morning to come.

The glistening sun rose upon my bed room window
As I pushed the blankets from under my arms
And I knew it was Christmas Day
I jumped from my bed and followed the sound of laughter that came from downstairs
And I ment my loving kind family and we had a great time

Jack wrote:

All I want for Christmas...

As night time falls I will be excited to see
what Santa will leave under the Christmas tree.
An Xbox 360 with a mountain of games,
a cheeky little puppy who I can't wait to name.
A labyrinth game with a winding maze
and a giant chocolate bar that will last me for days.
A remote controlled aeroplane that will dance in the sky
a dangerous chemistry set that will explode when you have a try.
A mountain bike that will be as fast as lightning.
and a ghostly tale that is oh so frightening.
A Lego Minecraft dungeon all dark and dreary
and a Christmas jumper that will be bright and cheery.
While all of these presents would be lots of fun.
The true meaning of Christmas is the birth of God's son.

Charlotte wrote:

Lingering beneath the perishing winds,
The arctic snowman gazed into the snowgirl's immensely dark eyes,
A tiny smile across his face,
Like tiny white buds blossoming into golden flowers.
He was cloaked in white,
With desolate eyes, but a welcoming smile.

They lay underneath the waving arms of the trees,
When a fantastic idea struck the snowman's head.
He strolled through packed towns,
And climbed up steep mountains.
The rushing river, that raged like a bull,
Gallantly cascaded, stopping him in his path.
He was never going to find anything,
But he still went on.

Even though he was an icy, cold figure,
His heart felt like a roaring fire.
Determined, he continued to saunter across the sniggering ice,
He was trodden on. Knocked over. And even starting to melt.
No one seemed to notice him,
Hopelessly, he walked into a shop.
When suddenly something caught the corner of his eye...

All this time, the snowgirl had been waiting for him,
But he never came back...
Until the next morning,
A little girl looked out of her window and smiled.
The once bare snowgirl was adorned with a hat and scarf.
She wondered how it got there.
But didnt let it get to her.

When the winter had passed,
And all the snow had melted,
All that was left,
Was a red hat, scarf, and something else too.
A symbol of love -
The true meaning of Christmas.
Two small twigs gently touching!

James wrote:

It was Christmas Eve
Santa was ready to leave
Children are out making snowmen
And just then
Their mum silently beckoned them inside
Then the children walked in side by side

The snowman felt sorry for the snow-women that she didn't have a scarf
The snowman decided to adventure through the snowy mountains turf
The small girl looked out of the window to see that her brothers snowman had gone
Then the snowman traveled far and wide over hills and through fields of sheep and forests of birds
Eventually he got there the snowman bought gloves and scarf for the snow women

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