BBC 500 words competition.

Date: 19th Jan 2020 @ 9:31pm

This year, we are trying to get as many children as possible to enter the BBC 500 words competition. If you win, then you get to have your story read out loud by a celebrity at Buckingham Palace where you will meet HRH the Duchess of Cornwall! 

The stories can be about anything at all- they might be about aliens, or trees, or aliens with trees on their heads! Hopefully, all the reading that you are doing to win a copy of a Jenny McLachlan book will help generate some imaginative ideas. The story doesn't have to be 500 words, it can be less, but it wont be accepted if it is any more. 

To enter the competition, somebody at home will have to submit your story directly to the competition using this link:

If you want to share your story with others at St Paul's  first, then upload it to this blog and people can share their views on it. 

However, you might want to keep the story to yourself; if this is the case, then feel free to post about how you enjoyed writing it. Miss Smith would LOVE to see a copy though. 



Caitlin L wrote:

500 word story~Caitlin Lee
My story is about a young,adventurous boy named Lake who has lived in a jungle for all his life.One day,his family and him moved to another jungle in Brazil (the other jungle was at another side of Brazil).When they arrived,Lake explored the new jungle.Suddenly,he found a large tree house.He climbed up and found that it was very very ancient and that he had to be careful.Then,a purple portal.As fast as the fastest animal,he...

Christopher S wrote:

Caitlin I actually want to hear this. For some odd reason on my laptop it shows "he..." I WANT TO KNOW MORE! 😁😁😁😁

Miss Smith wrote:

Wow Caitlin! I cant wait to read this story- it sounds very exciting!

Christopher S wrote:

Hello! I would like to ask for some ideas! Because right now I have no ideas. The story title is - Strange Portal Discovered... -.

The girls name is Kate and she is in a strange world (because she went through a portal). That portal was in a reversed world and she had to try escape by going through different things and figuring out how to escape

Eoin M wrote:

My story is about a forgotten forest with magical beasts roaming the woodland. Daisies, sunflowers and roses scattered across the ground; unicorns, elves and even fairies meandered nature's paradise. All living off of the Reminiscious crystal. But where there is light there is always darkness. Dark beasts want to take this crystal and corrupt all life in the forest. Will the forest fall to the darkness?

Miss Smith wrote:

WOW Eoin!! I thought you could be a teacher with your wonderful idea of writing a blurb, but now I am convinced you will be a famous author!

I think you will absolutely love Shakespeare's play: A Midsummer Night's Dream. There is a copy on our classroom shelf if you want to try it!

Miss Smith wrote:

You sound as though you have some very creative ideas already Christopher! However, if you are looking for more inspiration, there is a book in Mr T's classroom called "The Portal". I'm sure if you ask him very nicely he will allow you to read it at lunch times.

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