Sensational Shakespeare

Date: 25th Apr 2016 @ 9:48pm

In class, we have been reading Shakespeare's  "A Midsummer's Night Dream" (which you assure me is just as exciting as reality T.V). For your homework, I would like you to write a letter from Shakespeare to his father, telling him all about his time in London and his play writing. As Shakespeare, you are part way through writing A midsummer's Night Dream and tell him briefly about the plot so far in your letter. Watch this video to give you lots of information about his life in London. 

Horrible Histories- Shakespeare

p.s Shakespeare is an exceptional writer so try and make sure you include the success criteria below and MAKE SURE you edit and improve your work!

Success Criteria

Adverbials for when, how, and where.

Embedded relative clauses

Complex sentences (with subordinating conjunctions in varied places)

Figurative language (simile, hyperbole, metaphor, personification)

Subordination for condition

Wide vocabulary

Modal verbs and adverbs to indicate probability

Punctuation for parenthesis

Colon and semi-colon

p.p.s the year 5 cast is not fully decided. As of yet, we are in rehearsal stage! If you would like to be one of the characters, then learn a short amount of Shakespeare's poetry to recite in class on Tuesday 3rd May 2016!

Shay wrote:

Dear Father

I am writing to you about my life in London.
My life in London was hard when I first came into London, everybody laughed at me but that soon all changed. As I wrote more amazing plays I got more bigger and I got more better. people would come and listen to my plays they would all love them. Then I was known as Willam Shakespeare. Although, I was not a good person in reality I still lived one huge good life.

yoursincely Shay

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- A very quick response and you've attempted some varied sentence starters.

Pink- Your letter doesn't contain enough information. Can you write a paragraph that explains the plot of A Midsummer Night's dream (including fronted adverbials).

Faith Moore wrote:

Dear Father,

I am sorry I haven't wrote to you In a while ( but the course of true love never did run smoth) also it would be grand if you gave me your opinion on a new play I am writing.

I am in mids of writing a new play, the play shall be called 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' the story line is fictitious and is a romance, comedy and fantasy . It will consist of 8 main characters:
Puck(Robin Goodfellow otherwise known,is a trouble making fairy) ;
Oberon (king of the fairy's ) ;
Titania ( queen of the fairy's ) ;
Lysander (loves Hermia) ;
Demetrius (loves Hermia) ;
Hermia ( In love with Lysander) ;
Helena ( in love with Demetrius) ;
Nick Bottom (get's his head turned into a donkey by oberon).
The characters fall franticly in love with each other by been put under a spell by Puck . I thought that it should be set in an enchant woods where the fairy's can live.

Anyway that's enough about the plays, hope Stratford is good. London is as wild as a birds wings, but I have really made an name for myself. Also, I got married, to a lady called Anne Hathaway then had 3 children, first we had Susanna 6 months after we got married,next we had twins called Hamnet and Judith. Iam as happy as could be, but I miss you loads. I most certanly hope you are entatined by mynew play.

May my love bless you all, from sir wiilliam shakespear.

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- I like that you have tried to use some language to reflect the time of Shakespeare.

Punctuation for parenthesis

Pink- re-check your work for spelling errors. I know your an expert on the play, can you tell me more about what happened, using descriptive language.

Cade Kenyon wrote:

Dear dad

I have moved on from making gloves l have moved to London to find myself a wife and some kids.You know how good I was at writing so I am becoming a play writer i have all ready made some plays and poems one of my first plays was called Romeu and Juliet I had so much fun writing this play.Me Anne have moved into a big house and guess what the queen is my biggest fan also I have other royal people who like me.I am halfway through another play it's called a midsummer nights dream.How are you and mum doing?are you ok?However i have a lot of friends and fans I even saw elzibith the 1. See you later dad

Your sincerely William Shakespeare

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- You have shown lots of knowledge about Shakespeare's life!

Pink- I wonder if you could add another paragraph that explains the plot of Midsummer Night's Dream.

Emmy wrote:

Hi Dad I am writing to you because of my astonishing time in London I have got into play writing my first play write made people know me more concerquently, I began to sell them and I got put into the local paper.I may be coming back home. Im so sad that was not able to talk to you face to face. Sorry I will get into more detail.Now well I came to London to show famous people my incredible play writing maybe you could come and watch me preform on stage sorry I can't write more I have no paper left because all of my wast paper is from tiny mistakes which will never be all right to authors and readers hope you can send me a little letter it will make my day

Your sincerely Shakespeare

Miss Smith wrote:

Have a read over this Emmy. Do you think it is the same standard as in class?

I know you can astound me with your growing vocabulary and sentence structure. I wonder if you can edit and improve this to a better standard than your purple pen?

Ella T wrote:

Dear father

It's me your son William Shakespeare well you allredy knew because I am famous and that I am your son OK just kidding I just realised that that was a very stupid thing to say. Anyway my time in London has been amazing I got married to a buteyiful girl called Anne Hathaway. We had some kids and moved into a very nice house. It has been very busy with all the play writeing and having to be a normal man. I have not written a lot but I have Millons of fans who love me. My favourite story and play so far is a midsummer,s night dream I am halfway through it I will tell you it so far.

Well baciclly there are 2 fariys the buteyiful Titana who is the queen of the fariys and the hasome king Oberon who you guessed it is king of the fariys and a not so handsome elf puck the anoynnying elf who always makes a mess of everything and I mean everything. King Oberon who was jealous of a page boy that Titana loves a lot so he gets puck to make a love potion that makes you fall in love with the first living thing you fall in love with so you cord fall in love with anything . soon these 2 girls meet Hermia and Helener that loved the opposite man.Meanwhile tiana falls in love with a person called bottom well for now he is a
person. Puck the anoynnying elf makes up an offer potion for bottom ( AGAIN!!!!) That turns him into a donkey headed person and he doesn't know that he is a donkey headed person and that's all I got now I will tell you about my time in London .

Well it didn't get off to good start there where these men who where like really bad but famous for it. And you won't believe what thay wanted thay wanted to be in jail. Can you believe that? I know super crazy. Thay also liked to fight AND THEY WORLD NOT GET MY NAME RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry just so mad at those guys. Thay where let out of jail a long time ago and now they are trying to get back in if thay do the nightmare had ended so that was how it started but bye the next two months I had written a lot of plays and those guys where not even popular anymore. Maneilly because of all the well .................. I don't want to brag but .........................ROYALTY!!!!!!!! Yes a lot of royal's came to my plays.I knew I would get somewhere in life.

The plays I have written so far is a midsummer's night dream , romo and Juliet and a lot more. I am going to tell you about the most popular right now is a midsummer's night dream because it's hilarious and because it's romantic and dramatic. It is my personal favourite even though I am only half way through writeing it . but so what. Wow I should have said this a long time ago this fells grate writeing to you.

Also did I mention that I have started some poety and you will love the poety but I have to go now please write back

Your son William Shakespeare

P.S you can have VIP tickets for my next play .

P.P.S you get back sage passes for anyone you want to bring with you

Miss Smith wrote:

Green: Effective character voice and use of colloquial language.

Pink: Can you read your work out loud and see if you have missed full stops out?

Harry wrote:

Dear Father

While I have some free time I thought I would write you a letter to tell how life in London is. How are you feeling? How is your business going and how are my old friends? I had hoped that I would be able to come and see you but it is a long journey and I am very busy at the moment because I have just released my latest play, called Richard II.

Recently, I have bought a coat of arms sign so everyone knows where I live. This coat of arms is to go on our new house when we get it. Moreover, the house is the second biggest in Charford. It is decorated like the Benin Empire would have decorated it. Even though my wife didn't want to put an offer in, I put one in and guess what? We won the auction.

We both think that now we have got the house we can move into it tomorrow and we wouldn't have put an offer in if it was too small for our family. We are not selling our old house because maybe when we want to go to London as a family we could sleep there over night.

My time in London has been amazing so far and my favourite part is when everyone is shouting my name before all of my plays are being performed. The thing that surprises me in London is that the people are very friendly and nobody has really big arguments like I would have thought. I say that it is just like where you live but bigger and has more buildings like our new house that is near London, they have lots of pubs, churches and has this really big castle.

I am half way through my latest play called A Midsummer Night’s Dream which is about love. Read on to find out more.

The plot is that Puck, an elf, is the servant of Oberon (King of the Fairies) is making everyone fall in love with a person they don’t love or they fall in love with the first living thing they see. Here is an example of something falling in love with the first living thing they see: a half man, half donkey falls in love with the Queen of the fairies.

I just love to write plays; I can’t wait till I have finished this play because I can start a new play or poem. This is how I feel after every play and poem.

Yours sincerely
Your son William Shakespeare

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- Great embedded relative clauses with an omitted relative pronoun; varied punctuation; and a fantastic character voice!

Pink- your first sentence begins with a subordinating conjunction. I wonder if you could tell me what is missing then?
Can you find any other sentences with a subordinating conjunction. Are they punctuated correctly.

Harry wrote:

My first sentence is missing a comma after the word time.

The other sentence with a subordinated conjunction starts with even though and is punctuated correctly as it includes the comma.

Jack wrote:

Dear Father,

I hope you and mother are doing well in Warwickshire, I am doing fine with my wife in London and our Children are doing fine too.

I have been in London for 2 years now. When I arrived, I couldn't wait to start my dream to be a famous and great actor. However after a few plays, I found out that writing the plays is much more enjoyable then acting the play especially when you can make it as dangerous as you want it to be. I hope you enjoyed my play Henry V1.

In London, the actors perform some of the most fantastic plays in theatres outside like the tragedy of Macbeth . In winter, wealthy people (like Queen Elizabeth1 ) watch my plays inside by the flames of candles which are like fireflies sparkling all around the theatre.

At the moment, I am about half way through A Midsummer Nights dream. So far Oberon and Titania have had a squabble and Oberon wants to get revenge on Titania for fighting with him, he has an idea if he had a love potion he could make Titania fall in love with the first living thing then she will be begging him to undo the potion. So he summoned Puck so he could do it. Puck, who has rainbow coloured hair, laughs like an hyena. After that two girls(Hermia and Helena ) talked about Demetrious and Lysander (two hot boys). A while later a man called Bottom wandered by. But to his luck, puck did a spell so that his head will turn into a donkeys head. Then Titania fell madly in love with him.

I was wondering if you and Mother would help me with the final bit of the story. When you send me a reply, you could tell me your ideas.

from William Shakespeare

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- some lovely fronted adverbials and punctuation for parenthesis

Pink- Be careful not to link your independent clauses with a comma. Use either a conjunction or semi-colon, or separate them with a full stop.

Adam P wrote:

Dear Father,

I am writing to you to tell you some exciting news about my career development.

As you know,I and my fellow actor friends own a playing company called The Lord Chamberlain's Men. We have become very successful because my plays are attracting enormous crowds - even the queen loves them -so you can imagine how much money we have made from the sale of tickets for performances. At the moment, I am so famous that people stop me in the streets and ask for autographs, which at the beginning felt exciting but now feels like a nuisance. If I were more popular, I fear I would have to walk around in disguise; but since they watch me on stage in costume every day, they might recognise me anyway.

Dear father, I might have got a little distracted from what I really wanted to tell you. Believe it or not, I now own a theatre ; well, actually, it belongs to Lord Chamberlain's Men company and my share is 12.5%. It is an amazing building: three storey, open air (but with a roof covering the seating area and the stage),and it can house 3000 spectators! We called it The Globe because the whole world is like a playhouse, and we are all actors playing different roles in our lifetime.

Father, you must come and see me performing in our new theatre one day. In fact, in June we will be performing A Midsummer's Night Dream, a comedy about love and magic, where a lot of mischief takes place. Everyone is in love with the wrong person :Demetrius is supposed to marry Hermia but Hermia loves Lysander and they are trying to run away together; Helena, Hermia's best friend,loves Demetrius but he doesn't love her; Oberon, the king of fairies, fights with Titania, queen of fairies; Oberon orders Puck, the elf, to make a love potion and then things get more complicated. I haven't finished the play yet but I'm telling you father, you will laugh yourself into stitches.

I hope I shall see you soon.

Your dearest son,


Miss Smith wrote:

Green- Wow Adam! I don't think there is one grammar target that you haven't met and we have only just learnt the subjunctive mood. Plus, what a lot of information about Shakespeare's experience in London!

Pink- to up-level your work, could you use more expanded noun phrases with more ambitious vocabulary.

Miss Smith wrote:

I wonder if other people in the class could spot some of the success criteria in your work.

Oliver wrote:

Dear father

I am writing to you about my time in London in London I was going to write louds of books this is one of them.A mid summer night dreem these are the characters names titinia queen of the fairies Oberon King of the fairies puck a really cheeky elf hermia in love with Lysander Helena in love with demetruis and bottom funny name right.all the characters fall in love because Oberon asks puck to get the love flower and when there asleep put a drop into there eyes and then they fall in love.Well in London there were a lot of people around that time.well when I wrote a book people proformed it at a circus to people but in my next play you will get v.i.p pas and you will be able to go back stage

You sincerely shake spear

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- great recount of a Missummer Night's Dream

Pink- I wonder if you could include a sentence, that includes a relative clause, explaining how Shakespeare felt when he got to London.

Ben Crabtree wrote:

Dear Father

I am writing to you because I want to tell you about my time in the woods.

My time in the woods was quite shocking actually.First I was about to perform in a play and the weirdest thing happened. I was sat behind a tree thinking about my act in my play. ( which was a weaver )

I went to scratch my beard, but it didn't feel right. I thought my beard just grew realy

Ben Crabtree wrote:

Dear father

I am writing to you because I want to tell you about my time in the woods.

My time in the woods were quite shocking actually. I sat behind a tree and thought about my part in the play. ( which was a weaver )

Then the weirdest thing happened! I went to scratch my beard, but it didn't feel quite right. Then I realized what it actually was. I WAS A DONKEY!!

Then guess what? A fairy-looking woman came up to me and started to hug me! I was quite confused at the time, then I got up and started to walk away. - actually I ran away- And she ran after me! Eventually she caught me and sat me down. Then she sat behind a tree and put my head on her lap and she then started to stroke my head.

Suddenly she jumped away and vanished along with a fairy-looking man and a little elf! I was amazed.

Then I went to scratch my beard again, but this time it wasn't long. I stood there in shock then shouted hooray and stated to dance.

Hope i will see you soon so I can get out of this madness.

Your sincerely

Your favorite and only son Bottom.

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- I like your relative clause, punctuation for parenthesis and hyphen to avoid ambiguity!

Pink- Can you tell me what comes after a fronted adverbial?

Joe S wrote:

Dear Brother
I am writing (or texting) ye to tell ye about my newest plays. I hope I don't spoil to much to ye and I hope ye like a few sneaky peaks at my plays I've been working on.

My latest (and most favorite) is A MID SUMMERS NIGHT DREAM!(Say in dramatic voice please. thank ye). Its about when love wonders onto the wrong path. It's when different people love different people. Demetrius loves Hermia but she loves Lysander whob loves Helena who has nothing for Lysander but for Demetrius. Are ye keeping up with me. Any way it gets mixed up by Puck, a mischievous elf. In the end Oberon, Puck's master, fixes it so it is all how the wanted it. There also is a man named Bottom who gets turned into a donkey.

Here is a sneak peak of my new play named King John where it is reinacting a battle. And that's all I have done.

Whell thats about it and...Oh yeh I just bought the second biggest house in England!!!! Not to brag or any thing.

See ye when ye send me a text,
William Shakespeare. No no, Wm Saksp wait its wilm Sakespere .

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- Shakespearean style language! Punctuation for parenthesis.

Pink- I wonder if you can include the subjunctive form.

Shelby K wrote:

Dear Father,
I'm writing to you to tell you about my most recent move to London and my brand new play A Mid Summers Night Dream.

Firstly I know your probably wondering why fancy pancy London, but I didn't make that decision, my wife did. Initially, we struggled and life was difficult but eventually we managed to sort out our finances and find accommodation.Also, before you start worrying about whether I'm healthy and being treated properly (which I am) I'm now a famous play writer. Additionally, my most recent play is being preformed in local theatres and rumor has it: soon to go world wide.

At the moment, most of my days are spent writing my newest play-A mid Summers Night Dream- so I'm having to write this in bed and also any paperwork too! Sorry, I've been going a bit off track recently, anyway back to A Mid Summers Night Dream...So far in the play, there is Titania (Queen of the fairy's) who has fallen out with her husband (King of the fairy's) and Puck the mischievous elf, makes Titania fall in love with Bottom (PS he's a character not a actual bottom!) and then there's Helener who loves Lysander but has to marry Demertrous, and Hermia who loves Demetrous but Demetrous doesn't love her back BLA BLA BLA! anyway I know you happy for me and also you'll love my new play.

Your sincerely William Shakespeare.

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- very effective use of the colon!

Pink- what should come after a fronted adverbial? Can you find a sentence when this punctuation is missing.

Millie-Jo wrote:

Dear Father,

I am writing to you tell you about my amazing time in London.My play writing has gone really well.I have written lots of plays like: A midsummers nights dream , Romeo and Juliet and lots more [also my plays are the best].

But anyway lets move on from my plays. I have missed you so much and I hope you will come visit me in London.I have a really big house in the centre of the city and it seems like a mansion.People used to laugh at me and call me names I was the laughing stock but when I got used to it and wrote my plays things seemed to look up.I became real famous and my name was suddenly heard.Those that once mocked me were being mocked now.

My most famous play was A midsummers night dream which stars Hermia [who is in love with Lysander] and Helena [who is in love with Demetrius].There is also Demetrius [who is supposed to be marrying Hermia] and Lysander [who is in love with Hermia]. These are all 4 lovers who get tangled in a love triangle of mystery.Puck a mischievous elf who put an enchanted spell on both men to fall in love with Helena caused this mess but he was sent by Oberan king of the fairies.Oberan is in love with the queen of the faires, Titania. But she does not love him so he makes her fall in love with a man with a donkeys head named Bottom. At the end Demetrius and Helena get married and so do Lysander and Hermia.

Its all complicated but it has the best most romantic ending ever I hope you will come and watch one of my plays and visit me soon

From your dear son William Shakespear.

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- a lovely example of the past progressive tense!

Pink- Try and use more varied sentence structure: noun starter; simile starter; starting with a subordinating conjunction etc.

James wrote:

Dear Father,

While I have a little spare time inbetween writing the scenes of my new play; A Midsummer Night's Dream. I thought that I would write to you and enquire how you are. How is the business? I hope that it is running smoothly. How are the rest of the family? I trust that they are in good health.

Firstly I will tell you a little of my new play; There are two fairies (the King and Queen) they squbble over a page boy Titania who is the Queen of the Fairies. Titania then disappears and the King summons an elf to find a magic potion inside a precious flower. That is all I've penned so far. If I were a character, I'd change my name a bit of course.

Now I will tell you some more regarding my time spent in the great City of London. My plays are becoming very popular, I even hear that Queen Elizabeth finds them most entertaining to watch. I've been told that she is most fond of my tradgedies, namely Romeo and Juliet. As you can imagine this is something that I am most proud of, what an achievement Father; the Queen of England enjoying my plays and poetry!

Recently, I have bought a coat of arms so when I put it on the wall outside the new house, everyone will know where I live. The new house - which is wonderful -might look a little weird with that on the wall.

Yours sincerely


Miss Smith wrote:

Green-Fantastic use of the subjunctive form. Wonderful character voice- I feel as though I am actually reading one of Shakespeare's personal letters!

Pink- check the punctuation of the first 2 sentences. The semi-colon isn't used correctly and the sentence begins with a subordinate clause, so it should have?

Jasmine k wrote:

Dear dad,
I am writing to you,to remind you that being a local business man isn't the most successful thing to do in life and how I moved to London( in 1616. )

Later on, I had stopped acting and started writing poems and plays.Then,I had read some very,very interesting stories and magpied a bit for mine.

Strangely when I went to the theatre,no women were allowed to preform! Pathetic I know. The next day,I found out the King loved my work! Suddenly I became that famous every one new my quotes but sadly started making fun of them. Then, just because I wrote that much Poems,people didn't believe at I wrote them!

Some other people pretended to me and published a book with all my stories and poems! Then that was the end of my 150 poems and 38 play.

Miss Smith wrote:

Green: some interesting facts about Shakespeare!

Pink: In class, your writing often blows my socks off Jasmine-- do you think you could edit and improve this to your usual standard?

Reece wrote:

At first, he was working at a pub and everyone was laughing at him about his name as the play writer. Then, he became a play writer and made lots of amazing plays including; Hamlat made in[1603.] Macbeth made in [1623.] Romeo and Juliet made in [1519.] Also Julius Caesar made in [1623.] And many more.

William Shakespeare, was born in April 1564. William Shakespeare died May 3rd 1616.

Emily wrote: wrote:

Dear Farther,

I`m writing to you to tell you about my time in London.
Once I had arrived I started to look for people who might help me by being actors but at first I found non ;however, I was looking in the wrong place because all the actors were at the theater. So I went to a little shed and asked some men if this was were all the stars hang out and after a long chat I had some actors at last.After that I started to write Sensational plays and my company just got bigger and bigger.

A couple months later I wrote the play A Midsummer Nights Dream and later on it became a book.

The characters are:

Oberon (the King of the Fairies)
Tightener(the Queen of the Fairies)
Puck(a mischievous elf)
Bottom(who has a donkeys head)
Helaner and Herma(best friends with big secrets)
Dametreas(very stuben)
Lisander(kind and has hair as yellow as straw)
Duke Theseus(in love with the Queen of the amazon)
Queen Hippoliters(going to marred with Duke Theseus)

I hope to visit you very soon.

You sincirly

Miss Smith wrote:

Green- adverbial for contrast after a semi-colon

Pink- commas after fronted adverbials

Charlotte wrote:

Dear Father,
I am writing to you to tell you about my amazing time in London: it has been unexplainable. My play writing - which has gotten even better since you last saw it - has gone all around town and even to Queen Elizabeth! Because I have always loved to write, I have started to publish my own plays and poems. (It is annoying because people are always blurting out my quotes, and asking me for my autograph). I thought it was good at the start, but now it is hectic!

At the moment, I am half way through a play called, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. In fact we are performing it at a theatre on July 17th. This book is a comedy about love and magic, and let's just say a lot of mischief. It is chaos! Everyone is in love with the wrong person: Demetrius is supposed to marry Hermia; but Hermia doesn't want to marry Demetrius, because she is in love with Lysander; so they run off in the woods together; Hemia's best friend (Helena) is jealous of Hermia because she wants to marry Denetrius; the King of Fairies, Oberon, fights with Titania (the Queen of Fairies); then, Oberon demands Puck the elf to make a love poition; and then there's Bottom; and if you're thinking, no, he isn't really a bottom!

Trust me, that's just the beginning! I have still got the ending to do. You would love it. I am telling you father, you would probably laugh your pants off! Also, susprisingly, I now own my own theatre: well technically I don't, because I only have half, due to the fact that I share the other half with Christopher Marlow. But that's not the point. It is quite fancy, and has an upstairs for rich people to watch from ( and for them to pour drinks over peasants heads). Back stage, which still hasn't got any rest rooms, is filled with p...o...o... But, to be honest, some of it is from me. In addition, even Queen Elizabeth 1 has come to watch one of my fantastic plays (if I do say so myself)!

Moreover, I have also put an offer on the second biggest house in Charford. My wife didn't want me to, but it's too late now. I didn't want to go over the budget, but this was a really nice house. The house is extraordinary: it has double carriage parking; a fabulous balcony (which gives me another idea for a play)!; and it really feels like a family home. And guess what? We won the auction!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have also bought a coat of arms sign, so that everyone knows that William Shakespeare ( the best play writer) lives in this house. I thought that it could go in our new home when we get it, to make us look wealthy and rich. Well, I kind of am because I get a lot of money from the tickets that are sold.

I hope everything is well and I see you soon.

Your dearest son,
William Shakespeare.

P.S I just wanted you to know that, yes, I have had people's business dumped over my head!

Miss Smith wrote:

Green - Dash for parenthesis with relative clause, colon, semi-colon to mark independent clauses.

I really love the creative idea that Shakespeare's balcony gives him an idea for another play! I wonder if anybody else can figure out which one?

Pink-Have you managed to show possibility or condition through the subjunctive mood?

Joseph wrote:

Dear farther

I have just finished writing my play a midsummer nights dream It is sensational even the queen likes it also I now own a a theatre called the globe and Iam going to buy a coat of arms to put outside of the door to attract an audience and perhaps even her majesty the queen. Well enough about me,how is the family? How are you? I hear my sister is getting married soon in June 21st 1564 sorry this is so short but Ineed to go and write my next play speak to you soon

Your dearest son Shakespeare

Joseph Stott wrote:

Dear farther
I have just finished writing my play a midsummer nights dream well enough about me how is the family? How are you? Anyway I heared Sophie is getting married on the 2Ist of June sorry this letter is so short but I have to go and write romio and Juliet for September 1st speak to you soon

Your dearest son Shakespeare

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