National Schools Sports Week

This year’s National School Sports Week, like many things this year, will be very different, but we wanted to give the children a chance to still be involved in keeping everyone engaged with sport and physical activity.

How the NSSW will run:

The aim of the week is to help children think about sport and physical activity and how they can challenge themselves throughout the week. They need to choose an activity to do each day. They will attempt the activity three times – trying to beat their best score each time. For example, they might choose to do as many tuck jumps as they can in 30 seconds.


They can choose any activity to do each day. They can either make up their own activity, use examples from Mr Allen or the examples in the ‘YST NSSW Activities’ downloadable document that the Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports have created.

The resources are split into different activities:

  1. Track and field
  2. Aiming sports
  3. Team sports
  4. Adventure sports
  5. Artistic sports

You can see the examples from the Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports by clicking on the name of the activity in red font, for example: Tap up tennis

The Mr Allen’s Daily Challenge videos are on the website:

My Personal Challenge Scorecard

After they have chosen their activity, they will need to attempt it three times - trying to beat their score each time. The children can fill in their ‘My Personal Challenge Scorecard’, which is attached and can be download from the website. I have put an example scorecard below:


You might want to challenge yourself to complete:

  1. An activity a day for the week
  2. As many activities as you can in one day
  3. Activities with as many people in your household as you can at the same time

All children who take part will receive a NSSW certificate. Please let us know at school how you get on throughout the week - you can either tweet @StPaulsHyde or email


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