Should slime be banned?

Date: 19th Jan 2018 @ 12:31pm

This week, Miss Davidson and Miss Smith have been considering whether or not they should ban year 5 from playing with slime both at school and at home. They think that it is a dangerous inconvenience! Do you agree? Try and present your argument using conjunctive adverbials to link your argument (in addition; moreover; furthermore etc)

Abigail R wrote:

I personally think slime shouldn't be banned.

Slime is a stress - reliever that most children across the UK LOVE. Although some recipes to create slime involve the dangerous chemical and activator ( borax ), some other slime ingredients are safe ( like washing up liquid ). When you make slime it usually involves skills like measuring and weighing;in addition, this would help the child at their maths work in school! For the child's benefit, playing with slime would help them forget about the technology they play on; furthermore, this would help their eyesight because if the child goes on a device for too long, it can give the child a headache and damage their eyesight. Slime doesn't damage any part of your body. However, slime may not be suitable for 5 year old's and under as the chemicals in the stress - reliever may give the younger ones a stomach ache if they decide to put the slime in their mouths. But, ages 6 years and over would be mature enough to play with slime sensibly. Slime is something that both girls and boys can play with. Slime could also encourage children at home to be more creative!

I really hope I have changed Miss Smith, Miss Davidson and all the people out there who don't like slime's minds!

Euan Beard wrote:

WOW! Abigail you nearly changed my mind and I feel very strong after my research and as much as I don't want it to happen I think you could easily change Miss. Smith and Miss. Davidson's mind with all that you've wrote!

Euan B wrote:

I think it SHOULD be banned from schools,here are my reasons why: First of all, the Borax ingredient can cause 3 degree burns if handled or used (even slightly) inproperly ,which is extremely dangerous, especially for infant siblings who might handle the substance whilst the child is making the slime and their growing hands would be very vulnerable to burns and it could effect the growing stages ,which in worst case could permenently damage fingers,thumbs and possibly the whole hand.

In addition,The slime is distracting pupils from learning since they are constantly playing with it if they can get it into the classroom.Furthermore, it is destroying school property because its so slimy and germy. I absolutely hate slime as it causes playground arguments on who can touch it next and because it is just germ-full and disgusting. They are my reasons.

Abigail Reid wrote:

Very persuasive!
Love how you put a lot of conjunctive adverbials. I also like how you have put your opinion forward. I think you have used the non-fiction language very well in you comment!

Abigail R

Freya S wrote:

I think slime should not be band because it can not burn if you don't use cemiculls also it helps u with maths by measuring and making it using what you know this is a fun way of both learning and fun

on the other hand it bad it sticks and it gue and you can et it in your hair there nothing to do ith it you have it forever !!!

I do r like slime theses are just some reasons why not and yes

Hayden S wrote:

If you like slime read this blog it might change your mind!

In case you don't know what slime is it is a substance made with borax,. Shaving foam and glue.

Why slime should be banned.
Slime is a gloopy and can get stuck in your hair and fabric including your clothes and carpets ruining them. In addition, one of the ingredients is borax, which is a chemical that can cause burns to your skin. An alternative ingredient that can be used is airwick, which is less harmful to your skin. Furthermore don't put slime in your mouth because it is poisonous and will make you sick and maybe even hospital treatment.
If you liked slime I hope my blog has changed your opinion.

Marcus H wrote:

I feel that the slime should be banned as it could be very dangerous with babies if they eat it.Also it could get in your hair,food and also on your clothes it can take up to two hours to remove it.

The slime also contains a component called borax which contains many different detergents.

Euan Beard wrote:

Very good vocabulary Marcus!

Joe H wrote:

Are you the type of person that thinks slime should be banned? Or is your opinion different? Well if you read this explanation you might change your mind. This description has two different arguments. One saying it should be band and the other if it shouldn't

Get you off technology

Slime is very fun to play with and satisfying. Some people take it to another level in a good way. If you are one of those slime haters you probably just sit and stare at an electronical device all day. Thus causes, more and more people to look at it all day. However, since slime has been made less people are on iPads, computers etc they're more addicted to slime then they are to technology. Slime makes people just want to sit there all day and just feel slime.

Taking people away from outside activities.

When people play with slime it makes them want to feel it all day and all night, which is good to get you off technology. However people have been dragged away from outdoor activities. This causes people to think I'm not going to do this because I want to plsy with slime. However slime doesn't stay forever it only stays for a couple of weeks. So if they want to go back in the club they might not let them. Since unicorn slime has been invented it's made everything worse

Abigail Reid wrote:

I really like your comment Joe!
I like how you haven't just wrote about one side of the argument, but contrasted both sides of it together (like opposition). I can also see that you have put a lot of effort into your comment. I really like the rhetorical questions you have included in your introduction.
Abigail R

Euan Beard wrote:

LOTS of writing Joseph it looks like you really researched and feel alot about what your writing!

Lucy C wrote:

Why I think slime should not be banned

Lucy c year 5,

I think slime is a very good streas realiver for when you are in a bad mood so that you will not have a bad day.In fact, if slime would of been banned you would probably be in your room board.When making slime it builds up your strengh and puts you in an exited mood for when you are going out to by the ingredients and whilst making it.It can help with school homewok and maths because when you start measuring the glue and some times the water you get better and better at measuring.

Joseph L wrote:

Slime shouldn't be banned because it is a stress- releaser and children LOVE it. It does contain some bad chemicals: Borax, contact lens solution and shaving foam. But can we change this by used different products?
Marcus of Year 5 said, "Slime should be banned because it can cause stains on people's clothes and it can take a long time to clean off." However, Miss Smith - who is the teacher of Y5 - was not so concerned about health issues with these products at all.
On the other hand, Abigail D said," When you are making the slime it helps you with Maths because you have to measure different things." Contrasting this, Mrs Beswick didn't agree since we watched a video and she said it looked like they were being silly with it and one of the people said, " It looks delicious," and she thought they were being silly with it which is no good at all.
In addition, Joseph L of Y5 did not agree with the use of slime and commented, " We can change the chemical make up of slime by using different things for example sugar so it is not causing a danger."
Written by Joseph Lutman in Year 5

Abigail Reid wrote:

Different and persuasive!
The speech that you have used in this goes very well with the conjunctive adverbials. You have also talked not just talked about your opinion, but other people's (shown in the speech you added).
Abigail R

Euan Beard wrote:

WOW! You've turned it into a bit of a newspaper report. NICE

James E wrote:

I personally think that slime should be banned

Slime is very addictive with often little small boys and going to tell my reasons why slime should be banned.Slime can spread germs by people touching it and not washing your hands.Also it ruins different clothing like expensive shoes and house things.However slime can cause serious arguments like snatching and shouting.If you are messing with slime and don’t wash your hands and wipe it on your face you will get very ill so never do that.There are my reasons I hope you agree with me.

Euan Beard wrote:

Good reasons definitely agree!

Summer H wrote:

There is a apperance of slime being brought into school it could cause serious damage and could cause lots of ilnesses and rashes all over your body it could cause lots of fights slime is a stres reliver that children LOVE! Allthough some recipes to creat slime involve the dangerous chemical like (borax),some other. Slime ingredients are safe (like washing up liquid).when you make slime it also involves maths because you have to mesureing and weighing ; in Addison ,this would help the child at thier maths work in school! for the childrens benefit playing with slime would help them forget about the technology they play on ; furthermore, this would help their eysight becuse if the child goes on a divorce for to long it can give the child a headache and damage their eyesight. Slime doesn’t archly hurt any part of your body slime isn’t sutibal for under 5year olds but it is sutibal for over a11year olds as the chemicals of stress- reliever may give the younger ones a stomach ache if they decide to put it in there mouth . But ages 6 years and over would be mature enough to play with slime sensibility . Slime is a thing that both girls and boys can play with it can also can come in different colors . Slime can also encoragec children at home to be more creative!

Euan Beard wrote:

You have written a lot, Summer

Miss Smith wrote:

This is Emil's blog!
Why slime shouldn’t be

Slime shouldn’t be banned because even though borax slime can burn there are other ways of making slime like for example you can use air wick or contact lens solution. Consequently you won’t get hurt.

If you think slime should be banned CALL or TEXT :07799954321
If you think slime shouldn’t be banned CALL or TEXT :07799912345

Why slime should be

Slime should be banned because you always have germs on your hands then if you play with your slime you get all germs in it and then go to the toilet and wash your hands , then start playing with your slime you’ll get the germs from before on your hands.


In addition slime shouldn’t be banned because it takes you off technology and its very stress relieving.

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