Persuasive letter- should Minecraft be banned?

Date: 24th Jan 2016 @ 12:48pm

It seems that year 5 feel very strongly about children’s right to play Minecraft. Indeed, Miss Smith is starting to think that perhaps she has made the wrong decision. However, she is not convinced quite yet....

Your job is to write a persuasive letter to Miss Smith that convinces her that banning Minecraft is a bad idea altogether!

You can either write your letter in your homework book or submit it onto the year 5 blog. 

Check out all the responses from the questionnaire (by clinking the link below) or ideas on the class blog to make sure you have considered all the points. 

Responses from the Minecraft Questionnaire 

isabella m wrote:

I don't think minecraft should be banned because it helps build friendships.
It can help with different mathematical problems like fractions, multiplication and y x accees.
It helps you with teamwork.
It helps you to build structures and bring it into the real world.

Shelby K wrote:

I agree that it helps build friendships for example Stampylongnose and Ibalisticsquid who are now great friends met each other on mine-craft online

Miss Smith wrote:

Some very persuasive points here Isabella!

I find it fascinating that the game can help develop your mathematical thinking. However, I think doing more maths homework may be a better option?

isabella m wrote:

Thank you

Ella T wrote:

I agree with both of you it is good for shy children who need to make friends

Ella T wrote:

I agree with both of you it is good for shy children who need to make friends

Skyla H wrote:

I agree with Isabella-M it helps build friendship and it can some times help u with math and other subjects.

Cade k wrote:

You shouldn't band mine craft because it's helpful and it's good education for counting playing and having fun.Also minecraft is good for building playing hide and seek and playing hunger games. your making the rong discussion banding minecraft so please don't band minecraft so be careful about your discussion you know what to do so don't band minecraft please.

Miss Girven wrote:

You have thought of some fun and entertaining games that you can play on Minecraft Cade. Although, do you think that you could play hide and seek outside with your friends instead of on a computer game?

At the moment, I am more convinced that a ban of Minecraft would be better for children but I would like to be informed on both sides of the argument.

Shelby k. wrote:

Dear Miss Smith,
I am writing with reference to your decision to try and ban mine-craft. I think if you consider the following points you may change your mind.

Firstly, it is great for generating ideas because you can build what you want and it helps with your imagination. Also, if your child does not interact with other people, mine-craft gives them a chance to play and talk to others without any physical contact. In my opinion there is one and only one reason that the Turkish government have banned mine-craft and that is because of the violence, killing zombies and the slaughtering of animals, which could be toned down or even totally removed.

Additionally, over 70% of parents when questioned said that they preferred their children to stay in (so they now where they are) and play on mine-craft and that there are far some far more aggressive and unsuitable games than this one.

Furthermore, a friendlier version has been tried in china and over 20,000 schools have participated in the trials and all agree that counting skills were improved when pupils played and also imaginative writing skills were starting to increase.

Consequently, after reading the points above I hope that you could maybe contact (Mojang) the games designers to suggest that they tweak a few details and make mine-craft more kid friendly and then heeled debales or threats such as this proposed ban could be avoided.
yours sincerely

Miss Smith wrote:

Dear Shelby,

Thank-you for such a well-written letter!

You certainly have made some persuasive points (that are made all the more clear by your effective use of adverbial connectives). In particular, It is interesting that you link Mine-craft to generating ideas- I am, indeed, beginning to to see the potential benefits of the game.

However, I am not yet quite convinced......

Yours sincerely,

Miss Smith

Mr. Allen wrote:

Well done Year 5! You have made lots of very convincing points and I am beginning to agree with your point of view.

However, you have not fully convinced me yet! You will have to work harder to completely change my mind!

Shay wrote:

Dear miss smith

I am writing to you to persuade you to banned mine craft

Well firstly, mine craft can be a very aggressive game as fighting mobs creepers. Because of all the violence this does not set example to little children and it could effect the brains. A nother reason why mine craft should be banned is you never get as much time on your homework at you wont be able to put it to the standers you could. When your in class mine craft could destracted you because your talking about it a lot. If you do not banned I think your mum or dad should give you a certain time limite up to 1 hour to 2 hours maximum.


Joe S wrote:

Dear miss smith
I am writing to you to persuade you to Not ban Minecraft and some points to describe why I think Minecraft is suitable for year 5. I hope this letter will be enough to stop you from banning Minecraft.

Firstly, over 2000 schools use Minecraft for learning subjects such as maths and science. Also Mojang (who made Minecraft) are working on a school version of Minecraft.

Furthermore, if mums and dads don't like sending out there children to play out with other people then they get to talk to people on multi-player or on servers. Another point is that parents might not want to loose there child while they are outside where as parents know where they are when they play Minecraft.

In addition, we ran a servay to see if parents wanted Minecraft to be band and 84% said it shouldn't be band and only 16% said it should be band.

Consequently I hope you have changed your mind and will keep Minecraft
your sincerely
Joe S

Adam P wrote:

I totally agree that Minecraft helps you learn things and I am excited for the school version.

Ella T wrote:

Dear Miss Smith

I don't think Minecraft should be banned because it is a fun game and it helps you're child to make lots of friends if thay are shy. Another reason why Minecraft should not be banned is that some children play a lot more violent games than Minecraft. Also you can play lots of games with your friends like hunger games hide and seek and lukey blok race and much more. It also helps your imagination grow by building castle , skyscrapers, cottages shops , statues and much more. But I do understand why the Turkish people banned it it must of been killing of inacente little animals. But I still don't want it to be banned so please don't ban it.

From Ella

Harry wrote:

Dear Miss Smith

The children in year 5 think you are wrong to ban Minecraft. Here are some of the main reasons we think children should be able to play it.

Firstly, people have bought the game and can't get their money back. There is a new game called Terraria that is a 2d version of Minecraft so you would also need to ban this game and if parents had bought it for their children at Christmas it would be a waste of money.

We feel it lets children's imagination grow which will help us in school as you need creative skills to write a story.

Minecraft is an educational game as it involves designing worlds, problem solving and mathematics such as counting and calculations.

It encourages people to interact with others like your best friend or awesome cousin. You can create something together,

Minecraft is a very popular game. Some people say it is the best game in the world and everyone I know loves it.

It tells you the life of a real miner. It also shows you how to be a builder.

There are different modes like survival, creative and tutorial so we can set ourselves challenges.

Miss Smith please consider these comments and don't ban Minecraft maybe you could suggest playing so many hours a week instead.

Yours sincerely

Isabella H wrote:

21 Minecraft Lane,
Pixel Town,
MC16 3HG

Dear Miss Smith,
I am writing to you to inform you about why Minecraft shouldn’t be banned for the children in year 5.
I strongly disagree with your decision of banning Minecraft for the children in year 5 because, I know that at least 90% of children in year 5 play Minecraft and if you were to ban it, they would be very upset and could cause them to argue about it in class. I’m not just saying this because I play Minecraft; I’m saying this because I know that the majority of our class would agree.
There is no actual aim for Minecraft. All you have to do is build (when you’re in creative mode) and in survival mode, you have to survive. There is no violence in this game. The only bad part is when the monsters come and attack you. This only happens in survival mode, so you have to fend yourself.
Furthermore, there is no point banning Minecraft. No harm is done to children if they play. And I heard that some people in our class has in the past, based their stories on Minecraft, this proves that it gives ideas to children. Another reason why it can be educational is you have to count the blocks to make a perfect house and to make a perfect house in Minecraft, in my opinion, all the lengths should be identical. If you were to join a server (where more than one person is on), then you will have to work together. Therefore, in real life, it will encourage people to work together more.
I hope that I have persuaded you enough for you to change your mind about banning Minecraft.
Yours sincerely, Isabella H

Oliver wrote:

Dear miss smith

I am writing to you to not banned minecraft

Firstly it helps you with you nolige and your brain with your maths maybe your science because when you play on minecraft you can figure out the question that you got wrong at school and do them at home and you'll go in the next day and say I now that question I did it at home on minecraft.

A nother reason why minecraft shouldn't be banned because when you go online you could make friendships and you can play together and when you build you could count along the bricks like stampelonge nose and iblastiksquide

Over 2000 schools play on minecraft while in school time to get the answer on the question mostly Europe.

I think the Turkish government is rong to banned Minecraft I play on my computer about 15 hours or more

I hope you like this and I hope you don't banned Minecraft

😀😀You sincernly oliver😀😀

Ben Crabtree wrote:

Dear Miss Smith

I am writing to you because I want to persuade you not ban minecraft.

First of all I don't think minecraft should be banned because it gives you imagination for stories and you can build imaginative structures.

I think you shouldn't ban minecraft because you can interact with people who are shy and want to make a lot of friends.

Also it can get boring when you get all your homework done, its a rainy day and you've tidied your room and you have nothing to do.

It shouldn't be banned because parents don't have to worry about you when your playing out-side.

Hope this PERSUASIVE letter persuaded you.

Your sincerely Ben Crabtree!

Emmy wrote:

Dear Miss Smith
I am writing in reference to your decision to ban Minecraft. I think if you read these following points correctly you will make the right decision.

Firstly, children / adults can be very lazy and play on the game for up to 1 hour or even more, their bodies when they are older will not be as healthy and fit. Consequently people think it is addictive and want to stay on it more. Additionally you can build very scary things for example creepy houses,scary roller coasters and much more. You tubers are putting on scary videos which are certainly not suitable for young children, as this can cause children to have nightmares or not sleep at all. This will have a huge impact on children going to school the next day.

If you play on any sort of computer games you could feel ill with headaches and sickness.

Please consider these points, I have tried my hardest with them and to stay on your side with this argument.

Yours sincerely Emmy

Emily wrote : wrote:

Dear Miss Smith,
I am writing to you to tell you what I think about you banning Minecraft. I think that banning Minecraft is a bad decision because it is a tiny bit educational. If you do not believe me then you will now be told how Minecraft is educational. Minecraft is educational because it can help the children who don't know the names learn the names of all the shapes.I know that Minecraft is violent but there is a different mode called creation and on this mode there is nothing violent on it at all and all there is to do is billed things.Minecraft is something fun to do when it is raining a lot and it can turn a frown upside down because you can build something extremely funny.

I hope you will change your mined and let the whole of year 5 carry on play Minecraft.

James wrote:

Dear Miss Smith

I am writing to you to argue against the atrocious idea of the ban of minecraft, I disagree. I hope if you read the points below you may be quite convinced not to ban minecraft.

Firstly, you may have said that only people over the age of 18 should be able to look at a computer screen. If that became true we wouldn't be able to do our homework on the school website, or play on sumdog to improve our maths and wonderful reading skills.

Additionally, if you ban minecraft shouldn't it be parents that ban you from the game? (Which I don't think parents would do.) About 60% of adults say they would prefer their child to stay in and play on Minecraft so they know where their children are.

Furthermore, mojang (the creators of Minecraft) are currently making a school version of Minecraft, and over two - hundred schools in China have participated in substantial trials of the new game.

To conclude I hope you may have changed your mind on the idea of banning Minecraft.

yours sincerely


Jack wrote:

Dear Miss Smith,

I have heard that you want to ban year 5 from playing Mineraft. I strongly disagree and it's not fair for you to ban all of us from Minecraft. I know that you think it is a violent game but that is not the case. After all the history of Great Britain has been gruesome. Think about Henry1 blowing up in his coffin and guts going everywhere around the church. These are my reasons why Minecraft shouldn't be banned.

There is loads of pets in Minecraft including Dogs, Cats, ,horses and rabbits and even better when you get certain mod packs you can get Pokémon and hundreds of other things. This grows kids imagination with fake pets and helps relation ships with pets.

In Minecraft there is life like moments like when you get a puppy for Christmas you could get a puppy in the game. Also it helps relationships and many famous you tubers have made friends because of this game like Stampy Squid and Dantdm.

In this awesome game you can go on great maps like Highpixel and The hive to play fun mini games like sneaky assassins, build battle, pixelpaintors, death run and even a really fun game of ultimate hide and seek.

I really hope you can change your mind and chose to forget about banning Minecraft and think about it being a really fun game.

yours sincerely Jack

Adam P wrote:

Miss Smith
St Paul's Catholic Primary School
Turner Lane
Hyde SK14 4AG

Dear Miss Smith,

I am writing to you to convince you to change your mind about banning Minecraft.

First of all, I strongly believe that there is nothing wrong with Minecraft , although some people argue that it's violent, a waste of time and has no educational value.

In my opinion Minecraft is much less violent than many other games or children's TV shows.Yes, we do kill animals for food, but that is what we do in real life, isn't it? Also, we kill monsters in the game but that is only to protect ourselves, unlike in other games PEGI rated 7, such as Plants vs Zombies or even Skylanders, where fighting and destroying things is the main point of the game.

Secondly, I wouldn't say that Minecraft is a waste of time because it encourages creative thinking and helps children express their imagination much more than sitting in front of the TV.

In addition, I can prove that Minecraft has lots of educational value. When playing this game I learned about designing and constructing buildings, landscaping, farming, and obviously mining. I came across some new vocabulary to describe various types of building materials, crops and ores.When I got some Minecraft books I found out and managed to construct working redstone contraptions, power sources, minecart railtracks, lighting systems and an elavator. It was like engineering to me. I also learned a little about computing and created a few mini games.

As you can see, Minecraft has lots more features than you would think. It's not all about running around with a pickaxe. I hope that after considering all my arguments you will agree with me, and perhaps you may even try it yourself.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Pomirski.

Weronika W wrote:

Dear Miss Smith Miss Girven and Mr Allen,
I am writting to you to convines you not to ban minecraft.Because it helps us to learn how to build,make friends,play with your friends and to develop imagination and your creative skills.

This game is good because it let's to help you imagin and to creat your own world.It let's children creat fantastic homes,castles and other thing's to.

On minecraft it duilds on the children's confidence to make friends say if you don't have a friends like someone else doesn't you can make friends on minecraft.

Additionly with your friends you can make funny thing's and build something that somebody maybe hasn't built and you can build it quicker with your friends.

As a consequences people who don't like minecraft can say to ban it but for instence if you ban thier game the people who don't like it they will say to ban it therefor the people who like will say not to ban it as a result it really isn't fair for the people who like minecraft.

So I hope you will be convinced not to ban minecraft.

Charlotte wrote:

Dear Miss Smith,
I am writing with reference to your decision to ban Minecraft. Even though it will be hard to change your decision, I hope that you consider the following points, then you should change your mind.

Firstly, it is a fantastic game because you can build anything that your creative imagination can come up with. Also on Minecraft, you can co-operate with other players without getting into trouble. Due to the fact that you don't use any physical contact, it means that parents know their child is safe.

In my opinion, the only reason that I can think that the Turkish government might ban Minecraft is that some aspects of the game involve killing. However, it is easy to see what's real and not real.

Another reason that Minecraft should continue to be used, is that Mojang have been working on a new version of Minecraft that is much more child friendly. As children's writing skills have started to increase, schools have participated in trials, and agree that it has improved their counting skills. Because of this, it helps children with their learning, whilst having fun at the same time.

Furthermore, we definitely know that it is age appropriate, because it has been rated 7+ for all devices. If you do ban Minecraft, it will make more time for children to play on much worse games, including: Call of Duty, Fall Out and G.T.A.

In addition, the government shouldn't be able to control other people's children. Within reason, their parents should have the right to decide themselves, without everyone else suffering.

In conclusion, Minecraft is an educational, inventive game which allows children the freedom to create in the safety of their own home. Therefore children should not be banned from playing it. I really hope that you have changed your mind and that you won't ban Minecraft.

Yours sincerely

Nikki Lister wrote:

I think that Minecraft should be banned for children who are under the age of 6 , however I think that older children should be able to play Minecraft because you use maps which helps us understand how maps work. You can also connect with your friends and build new friendships. Aswell Mine craft helps develope your understanding of the y and x axis as they are used for co ordinates which allows you to build buildings and finally minecraft helps expand your imagination which we need to move forward in the future

leah wrote:

It is certain that most of us children in year 5 don't want you to ban Minecraft because people have said
'people make friends'
'it gives you something to do'
'it tells you the life of a real minner'
'gives people ideas' and many many more.

Firstly, I agree with all reasons that you shouldn't ban Minecraft. Even though children say they get headaches it might not be from then game it may be from the brightness off the screen.

of cores it is not good that they get headaches but Minecraft helps children with there imagination.

With out a doubt children like me would be distraught if you ban this amazing game!

Again, most of the children are against this decsion and it is unfair to ban Minecraft because we all like the game and if you ban minecraft ( I can't belive i am saying this) but you will have to ban harry potter aswell because that is one of your favourite things and it wouldn't be fair to ban something we love and you get to keep all the things you love.

change your mind and PLEASE don't ban Minecraft
P.S. just to let you know Minecraft is the 8th most played game in the world so it is in the one of the top ten.

Charlotte wrote:

I really agree that minecraft is very creative, and I agree that it is like banning her favoiroute things as well. WELL DONE!!!

Skyla H wrote:

Dear miss smith

I am writing to you to convince that Minecraft should't be banned
Firstly,it can help you with some of your sums like frachons,plus it is a fun game for every one it's a popular game as well and I think that year 5 should be aloud to play it.Carring on,it can be used for building skills like if u want to be a builder when your older or if you want to play with Lego.But I do disorgree with something,people can hack on your computer,iPad, iPhone or what you are playing on Minecraft and your mom can lose all her bank money.

Yours sinsearly


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