Our Third Busy Week!

Date: 25th Sep 2015 @ 1:55pm

In English, we planned and wrote our own story about a pet. Mrs McGowan wrote a story about a slithery snake called Sid, who liked the sun. Then, we wrote our own story.

In Maths, we were using real money to find totals of amounts. We were also finding different ways to make the same number! 

In Music, we had our first Samba drum lesson. We found out that the Samba drum comes from Brazil! We played all kinds of different instruments and learnt their names. We had lots of fun and we can't wait to do it again next week!

During our Science lesson, we investigated forces by measuring the distance that a car travelled after we changed the height of the ramp!

We also had an assembly this week and we were surprised to find out that a Giant had written to the Fairy God Mother to tell her he was lonely! So we decided to think of different ways he could make friends so he would be happy!


Eoin wrote:

I enjoyed maths. I wrote number sentences using coins and I used the law of commutativity to help me. I drew around the coins too. I have remembered that a 20p and 50p are both heptagons!

Lilly wrote:

I loved when we used 1p 2p 50p 10p 5p £1

Ava wrote:

I enjoyed playing the SAMBA DRUM'S CLAVE'S and AGOGOBELL'S .It was nice seeing MR Gepson .

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