Homework- should Minecraft be banned?

Date: 19th Jan 2016 @ 1:40pm

Turkey have been thinking banning children under the age of 12 from playing minecraft. Miss Smith thinks it is a great idea and is thinking about asking parents to ban their children from playing the game. Fill in the questionnaire below to let her know your opinion. 

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Weronika W wrote:

About Minecraft.

What I think about Minecraft that it should be banded and it shouldn't be banded.

Frist of all yes because children spend a lot of time infront of the screen and some of the children when they get homework they don't do thier homework they just play on Minecraft.The last three things is if you spend to much time infront of the screen it kind of breaks your eye's.As well it is not healthy if children spend lot's and lot's of time infront of the screen it's better if they go outside and play with thier friends.Games what inclued violence in like minecraft they shouldn't be for kids.

No because if you don't go on surviveal mode it's good for children on creative mode however you learn how to build homes,castles and other things on minecraft also thier's mod's that you can do and you can play hunger games,hide and seek and play with your friends it also helps develop your imagination and creative skill's.

Millie-Jo wrote:

you have lots of great ideas and a have a great idea why mine craft should be banned

Millie-Jo wrote:

you have lots of great ideas and a have a great idea why mine craft should be banned

Harrison w wrote:

I think your right Weronika,because people spend to much time on it,but I think it helps with maths.Oh brilliant verbs!

Leah wrote:

Good point

isabella m wrote:

good point

isabella m wrote:

good point

skyla H wrote:

i don't think it should be banned. my class love going on it so why are we banning it in the fisted place come on class we love minecraft so why do we want it banned. so sorry weronika i think your wrong.

Ella T wrote:

Why Minecraft should not be banned

Minecraft is a fun popular game that lets you build lots of things like houses and cool things. Here are some reasons why Minecraft should not be banned.

First things first Minecraft is one of my faverite games in the world and I word not like it to be banned . it also helps me make my imagination more imaginationive. Plus I want to be an a degisener when I grow up so it helps me get ready for being an degisener. But if you go onto suvaivel mode well it gets very vilont and agrisive wich is the horribal part of the game that includes lots of monsters (mobs in Minecraft) including zombis spiders secatens and creepers and much more that you do not want to no about. Also it involves killing and violence too that makes the person who is playing this game will start to like it. This enabals the person to get adited which makes them go on all day and night because of the killing which is kida wrong because killing is not nice at all. Over 100 children have played this game and got addition which led them to having problems with there eyes.

However if you go on creative mode it is much better than suvaivel mode. First of all you can't die in it even if something attacked you you won,t die . secondly it helps yours imagination grow and grow and let's you build the house of your dream's .And here's the best part you can play lots of fun games like hide and seek lukey blok race or even just hang out with your friends.

Thank you for reading this and please don't ban Minecraft its so much fun.

Harrison w wrote:

Yes, because if you spend to much time near the phone,TV,play station or the computer,your head will hurt for about half of a day.Another reason why you should ban minecraft,is because to many people talk about it,and it takes up reading time at home,and doing homework.But you can count the blocks,to see how many you need,and I also think their is a bit to much violence in the game MINECRAFT!

Skyla Harman wrote:

What I think about Minecraft being banned

Why is Minecraft being banned people in the world love Minecraft it's a fun game for every one and it doesn't affect my eyes or homework I only go on it for an hour and i do my homework every night but if u do go on it for to long then it can affect your eyes but I doubt any one would go on it for 3 or 4 hours, I mean come on. so I say no to Minecraft being banned

Leah wrote:

I don't think mincraft should be band because people always make friends and it keeps people from running into the road and getting hurt because if people play on it they will never want to leave their room

Faith Moore wrote:

Minecraft shouldn't be band . Eventhough I don't play Mindcraft, my best friend dose and she heats the Idea of it band, so I wouldn't like it to go.
Childeren in year 5 get ides from this great game for the amazing writting they produce. By taking Midcraft away from these children you are rewening the fantastic imagination. Miss smith, come on have a heart children my age need games like this, normally shelby and Isabella everytime they write somthing it is based on Mindcraft and you want to take that away from them.

the reason I haven't done the questionair is because it just wasn't working on the laptop, so I did this.

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