Visit from the Piper.

Date: 9th Oct 2015 @ 2:17pm

What an exciting day we had.

First we made porridgies- delicious buttery and sweet flapjacks.

Then we learnt a poem all about a piper and made up actions.

Finally Uncle Billy came with his bagpipes.

He played some lively music and we all had a great dance. We had a chance to blow or squeeze the pipes. They were very loud!

We sketched them in our books.

Take a look in the gallery at the photographs.

It was all brilliant fun!

rebecca wrote:

I love seeing the bag pays

Ronnie wrote:

I have been in a buissy week!
I loved making the best porragies!
It was a good week!

Madeleine wrote:

This week was amazing! I loved it. My favourite thing was when Uncle Billy visited us and I had a go on his bagpipes.

Ben wrote:

I enjoyed dancing and it was awesome this week!

Ava wrote:

I LOVED IT ON THURSDAY.It was the best.It was funny when everybody danced to the bagpipes especlally me! I also loved it when we made PORAGIES.

William wrote:

I think the bagpipes are great because when uncle billy blew them it made me laugh it was very fun when I blew them

dylan wrote:

I loved listening to it and I loved the day that we had

sam wrote:

I really liked it because I got to squeeze the bag

Lilly wrote:

What a lot we have done 😗

Ronnie wrote:


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