Buddhism Visit to Year 3 and 4

Date: 25th May 2016 @ 2:52pm

This morning Year 3 and 4 were luckiy enough to have a visit from Mrs Duncan. Mrs Duncan is a Buddhist who tecahes others about the her faith.

Mrs Duncan explained to us where Buddhism originated and what beliefs are important to Buddhists. She was kind enough to bring in a variety of artefacts, such as Buddhist Rumahs (statues), Mala beads (for saying mantras) and a singing bowl.

We also got to learn about chanting and the importance of meditation in the lives of Buddhists. We began a brief chanting exercise with 'Let the Earth be my witness', in reflection of what the Buddha himself said. 

'We learnt a lot about Buddhism and had great fun!' Joseph, Year 3. 

'I loved being able to handle items!' Alfie, Year 3

'I learnt all about Buddha and how Buddha was a man, not a god' Summer, Year 3

'My favourite item was the singing bowl because the noise didn't stop' Freya, Year 3. 

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