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Kingswood - Day 2, by Mr Allen

Date: 16th Feb 2023 @ 8:26pm

What a wonderful day we've had today in North Wales.

The Zipwire and Caving were brilliant fun with lots of children facing their fears of heights and small spaces. 

We've just finished our evening activity - Nightwalk.

We're all having lots of fun and we're looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. 

Kingswood Day 1, by Mr Allen

Date: 15th Feb 2023 @ 9:37pm

The children have had a brilliant first day in Wales. The weather was lovely for our country park walk.

We then had our first Kingswood activities- Low Ropes and Campfire. 

We are now all ready for a good night's sleep. 


Music because we're happy!, by Miss Smith

Date: 26th Oct 2022 @ 6:47pm

Year 6 were not very happy that we have finished Pharell William's, "Happy" as our music unit. So much progress has been made, particularly in listening and appraising and we all agreed that Wednesday afternoons are very uplifting indeed, agreeing that music has a special power.

French- changing verbs according to subject, by Miss Smith

Date: 12th Oct 2022 @ 10:11pm

Year 6 enjoyed playing a matching game, for which they had to say out loud a sentence about somebody visiting or living in a in a town in France  and then use the verb as the clue to find a matching card.

Child Labour!, by Miss Smith

Date: 12th Oct 2022 @ 10:02pm

In history, year 6 found out about many of the jobs that they may have been doing in Hyde if they were born in the Victorian Period. They enjoyed trying to fit through a tunnel the size of a coal mine and a hole the size of a chimney. The children were surprised to find out just how close school is do a cole mine. They produced some very creative writing indeed: a job advertisement page for a Victorian newspaper in Hyde. 

Concrete Apparatus to Drive Learning., by Miss Smith

Date: 30th Sep 2022 @ 4:19pm

I was blown away with the mathematical vocabulary that this group of children could recall from year 5 in today's maths lesson. Perfect explanations of why we exchange in column addition and great independent use of concrete apparatus.

Science- Refraction, by Miss Smith

Date: 30th Sep 2022 @ 3:53pm

This week, we have been considering why things look through two transparent substances. We found out that light travels at different speeds through different mediums. There were some super predictions and explanation- maybe ask your child what they predicted. 

Special Friends Assembly 2022, by Miss Girven

Date: 27th Sep 2022 @ 12:32pm

The children were wonderful in the Special Friends Assembly today, reflecting the values of our school and our school motto: "Living out Faith by Word and Deed" so well. They are all very eager to spend more time together!

Pencil technique in Art, by Miss Smith

Date: 22nd Sep 2022 @ 11:27am

In art, the children have been developing their pencil technique ready for observational drawings inspired by Harry Rutherford. We have looked at how pencil pressure and cross hatching can create tone. 

Skills for Invasion Games., by Miss Smith

Date: 22nd Sep 2022 @ 11:08am

Over this half term, we are learning and practising the skills needed for invasion games. Last week, we looked at the technique neeeded to dribble succesfully in football, hockey and basketball. I was particularly impressed by how much some children improved in the control of their indian dribble in hockey. This week, we have been practising passing skills in the same three games. In basketball lots of children were able to tell me when you might chosse a bounce, chest or shoulder pass. We will be combining both dribbling and passing next week and then moving onto defending. 

One Scary Night in Whitby., by Miss Smith

Date: 15th Sep 2022 @ 4:03pm

Year 6 have made a wonderful start to English. So far, we have learnt and retold a text map (a model text in picture form) with much enusiasm, looked at the structure of the text through boxing-up, and colour-coded the key features, thinking about why the author has chosen to use them. Next, we are going to describe our own scary creature that may be lurking in the abbey. We will be "magpieing" lots of language from different texts such as Frankenstein and Dracula. It would be great if you could generate some words together at home. 

Here's some of the work produced so far. I look forward to sharing lots of character descriptions with you next week!  

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