Worship Leaders

Meet this year’s Worship Leaders:

During the summer term, children across KS2 applied for the position of Worship Leader for the 2018-19 academic year. We were inundated with applications again and, like last year, 10 children (two from each class in KS2) were chosen to lead the school.

The first duty for the Year 5 and 6 Worship Leaders was to attend the Ethos Conference at St. George’s in Hyde. We have attended this reflective day in previous years, and each time it has had a positive impact on all of the children (and staff).

This year’s theme was ‘Christian Values and Well-Being’ - exploring how living out our Christian Values help our sense of well-being.

Focusing on 5 Ways to Well-being; Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Learn, Give. They have brought back several, brilliant ideas that will have a positive impact on St. Paul’s.

During the month of October, the Worship Leaders led a before school Rosary club. They invited all year groups - Reception to Year 6. It was an incredibly reflective and peaceful way for the children to begin their day and understand more about the Rosary.


  • During Advent, the Worship Leaders will be leading the whole school in a Prayer Trail; building on the wonderfully reflective, Lenten Prayer Trail. They will be leading the prayer zones and sharing different activities with each class.
  • After school, these prayer zones will stay in the hall, allowing children to share the Advent prayer trail with their parents. The Light Reflection will be incorporated with the prayer trail, so the children can bring their parents after school and lead them.

During Advent the Worship Leaders created two Advent Prayer folders for each class so that all children had the opportunity to reflect on the birth of Jesus with their families at home. The children produced some lovely work in the Prayer Book and some parents emailed videos and photographs of the children and their families sharing prayers and lighting their candle.

Advent Prayer Trail

The Worship Leaders also planned and led an Advent Prayer Trail and Light Reflection, after school, for children and their parents. The prayer zones had the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Faith. The children and their parents had to do the following at each prayer zone:

Advent Week 1: To show that you have been preparing for the birth of Jesus, write your name on a hand with a drawing of what you have done to get ready for Jesus’ birth.

Advent Week 2: We look at our lives. We say sorry for times we did not love one another as Jesus taught us to. Pick up a Pebble of Peace and say for prayer for those times you have not been peaceful with others. When you have said your prayer, add it to our Advent wreath.

Advent Week 3: Think about how you can spread joy to your friends and family. Take a minute to think about a time of joy in your life. What happened? How did you feel? Tie a pink ribbon on our tree of joy in thanksgiving.

Advent Week 4: Think about someone who you love and say a quiet prayer for them. When you have finished, light a candle and add it to the wreath.

Prayer Garden

During the summer term, the Worship Leaders will be creating a Prayer Garden to give the pupils of St. Paul’s a place where they can reflect. They have drawn designs and planned out the themes of each section in the garden. We are just waiting for some drier weather so they can get started.


  • During the last week of term, Mr Allen and the Worship Leaders will be leading a Lenten Prayer Trail with the whole school. The pupils are then invited to share the prayer trail with their parents at a Light Reflection in the school hall.
  • Mr Allen will also be leading Holy Week reflections and assemblies for all Key Stages.
  • On the Wednesday of the last week, Year 3 and Year 4 will be sharing the Stations of the cross with children and parents.

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