Lenten Prayer Trail

How the Prayer Trail Will Work

This Sunday (Palm Sunday), marks the beginning of Holy Week, which was a very important journey in Jesus’ life. To help us think about this important week, each day there will be a reflection posted on the school website that will have a story, an activity or reflection, for the children and their families to participate in. 

If you have the space and the resources, it would be lovely if you could set up a prayer focus that the children could add to throughout the week. The prayer focus doesn’t need to be too large and could contain some basic items, such as a cloth, a candle or battery powered lights and any relevant symbols you think would help the children with their prayer focus. It could simply have some of the children artwork on there.


Each daily reflection will begin in the same way:

Bring all of the children together around the main prayer focus (if you able to do so).

Remind them that this is a time of reflection and prayer.

Give the children time to listen to the story, watch the video or look at the photographs/artwork.

Ask them about what they can see or what they heard?

Complete the activity or tasks and if possible share their work on Twitter @StPaulsHyde or via email mrallen@st-pauls-hyde.tameside.sch.uk



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