Year 5 Homework

Date: 5th Nov 2015 @ 3:53pm

This week, year 5 have made an amazing discovery! Whilst following clues in our spelling and grammar treasure hunt, we found some bones around the school. We researched them and found scientific theory that the bones are not from the Jurassic period. Amazingly, the scientist found more fossilised bones that indicate the creature had wings. We think the creature may have been a dragon but we’re not sure.

For your homework, you need to write a detailed description of what the creature may have looked like. 


Reece wrote:

I enjoyed the investigation today it was great fun. This is my character description.

This creature has scales as thick as roaring metal. He had a big vicious head that was a really light green colour. His tail was long and as big as a gigantic flat. His body was green and mean like a machine. He had wings that were huge and fierce. He had teeth as sharp as sharks teeth. He looked ugly and dangerous.

Oliver wrote:

I loved doing the investigation today it was absolutely amazing.
This is my description!!

This creature was one of the most dangerousest anmals in the world!! It had razer sharp teeth like a vicious shark.The discustin slaber of its teeth is absolutely horrible.The ferocious scales of its back is like rouring had wings as flexible as cared bourd and as big as a house.The head was as ferocious as a spider.

Reece wrote:

That's really good Oliver well done you did really well

Oliver wrote:

I loved it today it was one of the best days of my life finding the bones this is my description

This is the dangresist animal ever in the world!!! The eye are red as the sun and if you look into them you tern into dust.The scales are as sharp as metal and if you cut your self with them you would die.The teeth are as sharp as a vicious shark and if he bites you would scream to death.The wings are flexible as a wire bourd so he can curl them up all the way to his body.The body is really big because he eats a lot of people.The sliver of his mouth is absolutely descustin so watch out for the dangres creature!!

Beware the dragon

Shelby Kurucz wrote:

The start to this term has been really fun because we did a hunt for some ancient bones hidden around school.Here is my explanation.

This monstrous beast has razor sharp teeth which can slice through anything.Its eyes glow red: they shine in the night sky and haunt your nightmares.When its fully grown its humongous black ears could reach the size of a elephant. Covered in shimmering scales, as tough as leather, which shine as bright as newly found pearls. With a twist of its almighty claws, bones crack as easy as a spider web breaking. If ever reached maturity (which luckily not many did) they would be the size of a 4 storey building.

harrison wrote:

This is exellent!!love your adverbs,good explanation text it must have took very long!

Emmy wrote:

This week we have been doing an investigation.

scientifically the dragon could of had long wings. The skaily tail can kill you with one mighty swing. Amazingly this creature could fly the wings the wing are skaily like the tail so that they can have more grip. The ferocious head of the dragon is exactly like a dinosaurs head. The teeth of the dragon were like shark teeth. The slaber form the mouth was poisonous.


Leah Owens - Brown wrote:

I loved it when we were investigating on Friday I felt like a really scientist!!!!
Here's my description!

When we did are investigation we thought the bones may be from a dragon. If it is a dragon,I think it would have rough,black,shiny scales along her/his back and deep,dark purple skin.

Along the tail of this firsome creature are spikes as sharp as a knife and a black point at the tip of it. That isn't the worst part,the legs on the horrific beast are short and stubby with black and purple course hair. The feet are the worst part thought, they have claws as long as a long Long piece of string and as sharp as a sharks tooth.

Last but not least is the head. On the head is two incredibly lone horns that are made out of the finest ivrey on all the planets,but the best part of the head is the eyes. The eyes are gloomy red just like the colour of blood with eyelashes Longer then a rule.Now it's the mouth,the spooky mouth is bright red with the creepiest teeth on all the land.

I hope you like my description. Thank you for reading.

Isabella Hodgin wrote:

This week has been really fun! Finding all of those bones got me exited! Here is what I think the bones could be:

Scientifically, the ancient bones could be about anything. If scientists examined the bones correctly, I recon that it would turn out to be a baby unicorn from Ancient Greece.
Even though the horn on the top of it's head is missing, it still could be a stunning and magical unicorn. If you looked close enough, you will be able to see saw marks on the top of it's nose, from what I think a Spartan has cut off the horn for weapons or armor ( Because unicorn horn is the strongest material in the world.) That is why they are extinct. Apparently, this was no ordinary unicorn, it had a very strong magic inside of it and what ever killed this unicorn turned half man and half bull and was named minotaur. Scientists also found bones in the shape of wings and that got them thinking that this was a Pegasus but after identifying the sawn off horn mark, they believed that this creature was a flying unicorn instead. Surprisingly, the people that worked at the lab found out that the flying unicorn was pink and fluffy also a bit chubby. Strangely, the unicorn had what scientists thought his name was JEFF calved into his back left leg bone.

Harry wrote:

On Thursday, we did an investigation to try and find some bones and see what animal the bones are from and of course I enjoyed it. We found out that it might have been dragon’s bones and here is my character description about how the dragon looked.

This dragon a long time ago was an absolutely dangerous creature to everyone and was very strong. On the dragons back, he had giant and shiny from the sun scales. His scales are different colours orange, blue ,red and green. His gigantic horns were razor sharp. Even though this dragon was mighty strong and dangerous, his only downfall was his infrared vision.

His wings are huge and flexible and it is a shame that you can’t see them anymore. When this creature was alive it had beautiful wings that are covered in shiny scales. He needed his wings to fly over the sea because he lives on an island.

Millie-Jo wrote:

I enjoyed learning about ancient creatures
Here is my description!!!!!!

This dragon has a scaly back,you can hear his thunderous roar in all the different villages.His teeth are really sharp as 6 crocodiles teeth and every time he takes a step the whole ground begins to shake.The dragons scales are grey but in the moonlight it looks silver,His tail can kill a whole army with one swing.You can not kill this monstrous beast because his scales are like metal bars.His eyes glow there bright red and a look of them can turn you into stone.

Warning:Don't go near it

Jasmine kaliyati wrote:

Well I think that creatures bones belonged to a baby dolphin that was just born thousands of years ago and it wanted to grow up and learn to be a real dolphin but then an asteroid came a killed the baby dolphin before she could take a single breath

Isabella h wrote:

I really like your idea jazz, I think dolphins are so cute!!!

Charlotte wrote:

Great idea Jazz. You've got a crazy imagination!!!

Nikki wrote:

That is good

Jasmine kaliyati wrote:

And my dolphin has a short tiny tail but puffy huge puppy like eyes

Joe wrote:

I enjoyed the investigation that we did this week because it was amazing! Here is my character description

This creature is nocturnal. It has the same echolocation system as a bat. Unlike a bat, it sends out multiple rings that are red. They bounce back in a certain order which tells the aggressive beast if there is a obstacle in front or not.His eye's can see a dead cow from 10 miles away! Also it's jaw can snap bones in two!

The spiny menaces body has spikes as sharp as the sharpest battle axe! according to ancient fossils this beast can fire them into a animal and kill it. In addition, the spikes are poisonous so if you are't killed by the spike the poison will finish you off. On top of it's fragile skin, sat scales as thick as a concrete wall! Attached to each of the scales was a barb. A barb is a sharp stick like the ones on the spine of the creature.

It's wing's can slice though any material. Also, it has an impressive wing span of 35 meters! It's wing's are tough. Really tough. In fact you can fire a arrow at it's wing's and the arrow will just bounce off!

The creatures tail can squeeze its victim to death but if it is in a hurry it will just slice the creature in half!

The dragon is black. This is so it is camouflaged in the night sky. If you were to be blasted by it, you would be turned to dust!

So be careful around town because it could strike at any time.

Charlotte Wrote: wrote:

This week has been really exciting! When Miss Smith said that we were going on a hunt, I was over the moon! This is what I think the bones that we found might be...!

Scientists have recently discovered that this mysterious creature was unbelievably rare, and had never been seen in person before. Apparently, markings were found on its upper right leg, and scientifically they worked out that it said: Lightning, a species of a dragon. Even though they weren't sure that they had got it, they soon carefully pieced together the bones, but realised that it had been harmed! Unfortunately, other species had been hurting it, and that's why it soon became extinct.

It was known to have two flexible, glittering, yellow and pink wings, that sparkled like 1000 fireflies. It also had a magical crystal, shaped like a lighting bolt, on its forehead. When the Lightning Dragon became anxious, it would rapidly strike a lightning bolt at the enemy!

Strangely, the Lightning Dragon had an unusual, pink mark on its back, to represent the symbol of lightning. If anyone dared to touch the dragon, they would be electricuted, because they were constantly surged with electricity. If you ever glanced at on of the Lightning Dragons, you would be threatened by the look of it. When one of these incredible species were born, the dragon's nest would glow with intense energy, because of its crystal attracting the light. Since this dragon has been extinct for more than 2 million years, no one has ever discovered an astonishing Lightning Dragon before! Maybe one day scientists could recreate dragons, and you could possibly come face to face with one!

jasmine wrote:

that was amazing charlotte you have an very good imagination and you description is wonderfull

Weronika W wrote:

About the drangon.

This creature has scales as hard as rock and as thick as roaring metal.He had a big furious head which had a bright red colour all other it's body.

On it's massive head it has huge firey eye's that show it is very aggressive to other things; and it can spot anything from miles away.On top of it's head it has very dangers horn's because they are very pointy as a sword.It can hear anything because it has big ear's on top of it's head so it can hear even a littel squeak in the distanse.In it's huge smelly mouth he has lot's of razer sharp teeth which can rip any living thing apart because it has very pointy teeth which are as sharp as a spike.

At the end of it's body it has a massive tail.With a massive swoop! it can destroy anything in it's way.

On it's back it has huge wings which can carry it's whole body.On it's wings it has three huge claws which are as sharp as shark teeth and as pointy as a speer so when it will catch something it can use it's three sharp claws on it's wings and kill it's pray.

WARNING! do not come naer this wild beast.

Shelby wrote:

I love it! You have included such good description it must of took really long xx

Adam wrote:

I enjoyed running around the school, looking for the mysterious creature's bones and answering clues.Here is my character description.
I think the creature whose bones we found in the treasure hunt might be an early pterosaur from the Triassic period.I imagine it was a small species,approximatley 70cm tall as an adult.This pterosaur lived in trees on high ground, where it was easier to hide from predators and to look after their young.Its diet was fish.It had extremely powerful claws that were as sharp as blades, so it was easy to grab the prey jumping out of the water in a split second.Its tail was long and was used as a whip to fight off predators.Its wings were flexible,which helped it fly quicker than larger species and fit into awkward spaces up trees.

cade wrote:

I enjoyed the investigation because it was so fun I couldnt hold myself together.This is my character description:

This creature has a gigantic neck with scales so it can breathe under water.It has four eyes and one of the eyes has a ring through it.Its legs which are horse legs,can kick so far because it has springs in it. The chest is so musuily you can not bear to look at it.The spider arms they can shoot so far it can go all aroun the world.

Ella wrote:

I enjoyed doing our investigation and finding the bones.

This creature has razor sharp teeth and can slice you in halve in one bite. This creature can swish a whole of one county with one swish of his mighty tail which causes them to kill everyone. As sharp as the teeth may seem the tail is even worse like an sharks fin you touch it and will be stabbed by its scaly sharp tail. Like a eagle he could fly over the world and above the clouds and into space.

Faith M wrote:

This is my character discription

The dangerous specie I will inform you about is an highly trecharous type of dragon and a nearly extinct dragon and it is a whispering death!

The vile dragon is known for its inchanting whisper, wich can bewitch a whole fleet of humans even with the best repelling tech. The dragon can spine shot 10m long spikes and can tear through solid rock like a nedal throgh thread! But the weakness of this drgon is ... yes it has a weaknesses and it is that it is completely and utterly blind!!! So it uses sonar to get around.

Hoped you liked my discription!!!

Harrison wrote: wrote:

This week has been really strange,we had to run around everywhere to find some ancient bones.Well we couldn't run or talk in the corridor,or else are group would have 2 minutes in our classroom without talking.This is my explanation!!!

This creature has razor sharp teeth,it could chop anybody in half in just 2 seconds wow!I thought this grusome creature was a dinosaur,it looked like a tyrannosaurus Rex.Anyway when I came in yesterday it looked more like a pterodacty,they could fly under water and pop up and make the boats fly in the air!

It had pointy and bendy nails wich was as long as a hair-dryer,it had diamonds on its back and it had eyes as fiery as a tomato.(Did you know that both of these creatures heads, could reach the sky when they stand on both legs.)

It could haunt your nightmares when you are having nice dreams,and looks like a plane when they walk and fly around everywhere.Everyone thinks that dinosaurs hurt people and bite people,but how come dinosaurs became extinct?

Shelby wrote:

I love all your ideas such good description and thanks for your comment.

Kian wrote:

Today we did a fun investigation
It was a character description about a dragon!

This force creature had sharp pointy teeth and razor sharp claws and its tail was as long as a giraffes neck, also its tail was very powerful ,and it could burn down a forest with its powerful breath!

Emily wrote: wrote:

I enjoyed the day and here is my character description.

This malicious dragon has shiny golden scales all over it`s body and when the sun shines on the dragons scales the sun light would have bounced off and went all the way back to the sun.The dragon`s eyes were like pools of extremely hot fire and the eyes were so bright that even taking just one look at them can blind you.It also has teeth as sharp as a sword and as white as snow and as smooth as ice. The dragon`s claws are extremely sharp and are able to cute through anything even bricks and they use there claws to capture youths and destroy towns.The creature`s tail was covered in scales like the rest of it`s body and it is incredible strong because it can knock down 19 buildings at once and it can wipe away 999 men in one swoop of it`s tail.This reptile has wings the size of 9 houses and when it flaps it`s wings a strong wind is sent all over the country.

shelby k wrote:

I love your vocabulary and so many great ideas

James wrote:

I loved the investigation it was very funny when we couldn't speak in the corridor and we had found a letter near the staff room.

This creature may be small but it is deadly. Spedosaurus has claws that can slice through diamond and its scales are as hard as steel. Like a cammeleon, when it needs to hide from enemies it changes colour and camoflages itself. I tell you now if you put this creature on a speed chart he would definatly be at the top.

It has red eyes, blue scales, a razor sharp tail and a suspicious lightning bolt on its back. On its head it has a steel helmet and a armoured tail and arms.

This creature terrorizes villages and captures boy and girls. It eats lizards and snakes.They kill with there speed and claws but usualy only claws on easy creatures like insects.

They live in the caves of despair which are filled with fire and lava and zombies and spiders bugs and snakessss!

Jack wrote:

I loved running around the school searching for bones of an extinct creature! This is my character description!

These dangerous dragons have black skin as dark as night and giant sharp teeth as sharp as daggers. They have scales as thick as steal. These fearsome creatures breath burning hot flames that set your pants on fire! You better look out for their huge tail could knock down a full street of castles. Its giant beady eyes help them see better in the dark than humans. His razor sharp claws can rip straight through a human body and he has an excellent sense of smell. His wings help him to fly faster then a cheetah in full speed and that's only when he's flying to a village. His terrifying screech is as deafening as millions of cars skidding. This terrifying creature can breath under water survive in lava but can be killed by magic steal swords golden arrows and occasionally enchanted daggers. They live in humongous caves.

Unfortunately these creatures are being killed by Spartan soldiers for medicine warmth and weapons made from their teeth. Soon there won't be any left!


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