The Sherlock Holmes Problem Solving Challenge - Week 4

Date: 23rd Nov 2018 @ 8:20pm

Can you work out this four-digit number that has a great significance to Sherlock?

No digit is allowed to repeat in the code. If each blue dot indicates that a digit in the corresponding row is both of the correct value and in the correct position, and a brown dot indicates that a digit is correct but not in the correct position, what is the four digit number, and can you tell me why it is significant?



Emily W wrote:

I think that each row has 6 or 7 1 digit numbers in
For example:
1 3 2 8 5 9
5 8 7 4 1 6
9 6 5 1 7 2
8 1 9 0 3 5 4 7

Joe H wrote:

Hi, I don't really understand what it is asking you to do.

John-Joseph S wrote:

Hi everyone I think every row has a 8,2 and 3 behind them.I struggled on this but tried:JJ:)

Joseph L wrote:

1859 was the year Arthur Conam - Doyle was born so the answer is 1859 because the author of Sherlock Holmes is 1859.

I know that this may be incorrect , but that is the pattern I saw looking through this question.


Mr Allen wrote:

Good morning everyone!

I know this week's blog is difficult but you did ask me for a harder question because you thought last week was too easy!!! :-)

Keep trying!

Joe H wrote:

I think the blue dot on the first line indicates number 1
Then the orange dot equals 8
On the second row the blue dot represents 8
And the orange dot represents 5
Next the blue dot is 5 and the orange dot is 9 and1
After that they represent 8,1and 9 al in their different places.
Therefore i think the code is 1859

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