The Sherlock Holmes Problem Solving Challenge - Week 3

Date: 9th Nov 2018 @ 6:25pm

Interest in hot-air balloons had really started to take off, and Sherlock was at the park to watch a hot-air balloon race, among a crowd containing hundreds of well-dressed Victorian gentlemen and ladies. There were five balloons in the race, each sporting a different symbol. They were a dragon, a shield, a rose, a saltire and a lion. From the information given below, can you deduce the finishing position from the first to fifth place of each of the balloons?

  1. The dragon balloon didn’t win, and the lion balloon didn’t finish last.
  2. The balloon sporting a rose beat the balloon featuring the saltire
  3. The balloon with the shield wasn’t last but did finish behind the lion balloon.
  4. The balloon with the saltire beat the balloon sporting the lion.

Hayden S wrote:

The dragon balloon came last because he didn't win but it doesn't say his name again. The lion balloon didn't came last nor did saltire. The rose balloon beat the saltire balloon. So I think it goes Lion , saltire , rose , sheild , dragon.

Joseph L wrote:

Hi everyone.I am here to have ago at this math sum. This is what I thing it is:
5: I thing it is the dragon balloon
4: I thing it is the shield balloon
3: I thing it is the lion balloon
2: I thing it is the saltire balloon
1: I thing it is the rose balloon

I thing it is like this because if you look at the the 1 clue it says " The dragon balloon didn't win, and the lion balloon didn't finish last." So that got me thinking that the balloon that the finished last was the dragon balloon if you look at the other clues.

Joseph L :)

Abigail R wrote:

Hi everyone!

1st place - Rose
2nd place - Saltire
3rd place - Lion
4th place - Shield
5th place - Dragon

From the information given above, I think that the rose came 1st because we know that the saltire balloon finished behind the rose. The saltire balloon beat the lion, so that means that so far the rose is 1st, the saltire is 2nd and the lion is 3rd. The shield balloon did finish behind the lion, so that means that the shield came 4th. And that then leaves the dragon in last place!

Abigail ;-D

Joe H wrote:

I think that the order is:
1. Rose
2. Saltire
3. lion
4. Shield
5. Dragon
Your welcome

Joseph L wrote:

Hi I'm back because I just realized that I've done it wrong it goes in the same order but 1st first: rose, saltire, lion, shield, dragon.

Faye H wrote:

I think the order is :


Olivia-Martine C wrote:

1st place- Rose
2nd place- Saltire
3rd place Lion
4th place-Shield
5th place- Dragon

I got this because I know the dragon didn’t win so the dragon wouldn’t be first. The Rose beat the Saltire so the Saltire wouldn’t be first which means the rose is first and the Saltire is after the rose so it is second. The Saltire beat the lion so the Lion would be third (after the saltire). The shield came after the lion because it wasn’t last but it finished behind the lion which means the shield must be fourth. Last but not least the dragon because it’s the last one and it didn’t win 😁

John-Joseph S wrote:

Hi everyone I've had a go still searching for an answer but I don't really get what your meant to do and everyone's answers are confusing me:JJ:)

Emily W wrote:

Hi Im going to try this question.So the lion cannot be first because the saltire beat it, but the rose beat the saltire.I think the order goes:

1) Rose balloon

2) Saltire balloon

3) Lion balloon

4) Shield balloon

5) Dragon balloon

Grace H wrote:

Hi I have had a go at the maths question I think it is :

1st place - Rose
2nd place -Saltire
3rd place- Lion
4th place -shield
5th place - Dragon

Mr Allen wrote:

Well done everyone!

From first to last, the answer is:


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